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Developing and implementing sustainable solutions to plights in rural India.

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I'm raising £770 to travel to India to take part in the Live-in-labs project at Amrita University which will develop lasting solutions to rural poverty.

Who am I?

My name is Nial, and I'm studying Mathematics with French at the University of Manchester. I've a unique chance to do something good during summer 2019 - the details of which are below - and need your help.

My story

This summer, I will participate in Live-in-Labs: 'a multidisciplinary experiential learning program' delivering sustainable solutions to difficulties faced by populations in rural India. I am fundraising to cover my costs associated with this project - with a £800 fundraising target - to the ultimate benefit of the less well-off.

To me, this is an exciting opportunity to simultaneously work towards the greater good whilst also developing myself as a person. There is not a fibre in me unwilling to grasp it.

Through weekly project updates, you will be able to track how your donation is directly impacting the local communities and the subsequent enrichment of villagers' livelihoods. Your money will help us deliver our fundamental goal of helping rural India thrive.


India's wealth is concentrated about its urban settlements, yet two thirds of its population live in the countryside. Thence, the country faces a 'rural poverty gap'. Consequences thereof include a lack of basic sanitation, widespread undernourishment and an education deficiency for India's rural inhabitants.

To combat these plights, Live-in-Labs was started several years ago. It involves gathering students from around the globe at Amrita University’s campus in Kerala, before dispatching them to villages across India. These students (including me!) will uptake one of numerous projects - examples of which are listed at - with the essential aim of improving villagers' lives.

For the days spanning July and August, myself and three other students from The University of Manchester will join Amrita's Live-in-Labs. We do not yet know our exact project, but are sure of the outcome: a reduction in India's 'rural poverty gap'.

Where will the money go?

My minimum crowdfunding target is £770. This will be matched by a grant from the University's Faculty of Science and Engineering. This total of £1,370 will cover all of the initial costs of the trip:

• Flights (£800)

• Accommodation and food (£400)

• Student Visa (£170)

I’ve set a stretch crowdfunding target of £1200 which also covers the costs of my required vaccinations as well as travel around India. as a safety net (as prices can be turbulent!)

If this crowdfunding generates a surplus, it will be given to participants from Manchester in next year's program.

I will update the crowdfunding page weekly and will also regularly update social media whilst away (I cannot quantify the frequency of this as internet access in India isn’t guaranteed). 

Note that my personal spending money doesn't come from your donations.

Money is collected through The University of Manchester’s own crowdfunding platform meaning very penny you give goes directly to my project!

Rewards for donors

Three different rewards are on offer for anybody that donates. They will be distributed upon my return in September as a way of thanking you for your generosity!

Stay updated

Regular updates will appear on Facebook and YouTube as I undertake this wonderful journey. Be sure to frequent them if you'd like to see how your money is generating positive change.

You can help

Willing and able to help? You rock! There are two ways of doing so:

1. SHARE the link to this page wherever you can: social media, circulatory emails, texting your friends at knitting club, etc. Every penny counts and the more people that see this, the more chance I have of reaching my target!

2. DONATE whatever you can spare; as aforesaid, all money goes directly to the fight against rural poverty in India. If you're a UK taxpayer, you can boost your donation by 25% by adding Gift Aid, at no extra cost.

I thank you for taking time to read this, and hope you feel as passionately about this cause as I do! Please sponsor me now and help make this happen.