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Completion Date: Fri 01 Sep 2017

Hi Everyone!

We are raising £15000 to open our 100% vegan cafe in Aberdeen.

Who are you?

We are Nathalie, Alex, Stephy, and Joyce. We are the founder and co-founders of Northern Light Café in Aberdeen. We want to share that vegan food is more than just salad.

Your story

We want people to know that you can enjoy good and healthy food without consuming animal products.

Having a selection of raw and cooked food-including desserts, we want to promote the vegan lifestyle, and show people that vegan food is actually delicious. We found out that everything can be made into vegan food, using alternatives. There is no need to give up on your favourite food, but just add a little twist. It is about having the right ingredients.

What will make our restaurant special?

Our café is 100% vegan. We want to look at our café and see that it is more like a social meeting place where people can have a cup of coffee and relax, doing their work, or just read a book.

Even though we will serve cakes and food as well, we will have daily specials, just like pubs and create extraordinary food like plant based ice creams, and cheese. We will also have vegan cheese tasting events.

We are planning to hold earth hour, where we will switch off the lights and use candles instead. It can give you a cosy, exciting and different feeling than going to a regular café, while at the same time, contribute to environment. The food that will match will be raw vegan food, where we do not need the cooker. We will also have film and documentary screenings about vegans and the plant based lifestyle like ‘What The Health’ and ‘Okja’, to promote vegan culture in a way.

For our café decoration, we will invite artists who want to volunteer to display their work in our cafe, like coming up with a beautiful art work for our café walls (fully credited). In the summer, we will open the garden, where guests can enjoy the al-fresco experience.

We will also offer vegan cooking and baking classes to teach you how to make vegan cuisines at home. For example, making and exploring plant-based cheeses are really fun, or cakes, basic or for special events.

To add on, we will have a mini-market where we will sell vegan products as the availability in Aberdeen is low.

Where will the money go?

When we receive the complete funding, it will cover the cafe's first month's expenses. With the extra money we receive, we will hold more awesome pop up events around Aberdeen and surroundings.


We appreciate every funding we receive for our crowdfunding project. Our ultimate goal is to make our future customers happy, enjoy our food and being in our cafe.Find us here

We created a Facebook and Instagram account to keep you guys engaged. Check us out and give us a thumbs up!



Help us succeed!

We received many overwhelming responses on Facebook about our vegan cafe, and what it means for the people in Aberdeen to have a 100% vegan cafe

By helping us crowdfund for our project, you a re also helping the people by creating a vegan friendly place in Aberdeen.

Support us and start making friends!