Help the Nursery Children Become Birdwatchers!

St Anne's Nursery is raising funds to install two Nest Box Camera in its gardens

Help the Nursery Children Become Birdwatchers!
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Our project

We want to raise funds to buy two Nest Box Cameras and portable, waterproof cameras for the children to use to capture images and video of the birds, bugs and beetles in their garden. The portable cameras can be attached to tripods and hidden, scooters and even children themselves! The children will install some in hiding places around the garden, and use others to take images and video themselves as they explore the garden and college.

Who are We?

St Anne's Nursery is a small day nursery within St Anne's College Oxford. It is attended by 12 children, aged from 3 months to 5 years. It has a strong commitment to helping children learn about the natural world and was rated 'Outstanding' in its more recent OFSTED inspection, an achievement of which both staff and St Anne's College are very proud.

OUR story

At St Anne's Nursery, the children are involved in a lot of outdoor activities. They learn about forest skills, birds, bugs and animals. They even make their own charcoal for drawing in their fire pit! Now they want to be able to watch the birds and bugs up close in their secret homes. They have just built an amazing bug hotel, and now they want to install some hidden cameras around their garden and use cameras themselves to take pictures and videos of the natural world and its inhabitants.

The staff and parents at St Anne's think it is very important for the children to interact with the natural world so that can both learn about the plants, animals and insects that are part of that world, and develop a sense of the value and importance of protecting that world.

Installing cameras will help the children see animals and birds much more closely than they otherwise can, and help them to deepen their understanding of the natural world. Letting them use cameras themselves will help them be actively engaged, and direct their own learning. It will also build their understanding of technology, which is another important aspect of their educational development.

Where will the money go?

  • The minimum funding will enable the nursery to purchase one Nest Box Camera. These cameras are built into a nest box, allowing children to see birds close up. If any eggs are laid, the children will be able to watch video of them hatching and growing up!
  • If we raise more than the minimum, we will buy up to six portable cameras (Kidizoom Action Cameras) and a second Nest Box Camera.
  • If we raise more than our target, we will put this towards other items that help the children interact with the natural world.
  • Cost breakdown:
  • Next Box Camera: £129
  • Kidizoom Action Camera (like a child's GoPro!): £48
  • Kidizoom Duo Camera (tough cameras that are good for little hands): £39


  • We have some lovely rewards for donors made especially by the children themselves.

Help us succeed!

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  • And we know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did! Please sponsor us and help make this happen.