Nursing - the dream

Help me to become a nurse

Nursing - the dream
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Completion Date: Wed 30 Mar 2016

Becoming a Nurse - Not Just a Profession

We live in a world, where we only think about ourselves. Where should we go, what should we buy, what profession do we want to carry out? We never question ourselves, how other people feel. That there are people who have nothing to live for and no hope anymore. There are people who are sick and hopeless. May it be a broken arm or cancer. May it be a injury from a accident or a injury that effects your whole life. 

I want to help those people. So please help me be a part of that. 

The Girl, with to many ideas

My Name is Emily and I am 20 years old. I live in Austria and graduated a year ago from high school. I didn't know what to do after High School, so I took a year off. I took the chance to travel the world and get to know new people and countries. I mostly travelled in Asia and got to know the beautiful side of the world and also the sad and poor one. I always had a big interest in medicine and read many many books about the human body and diseases. I got so obsessed with medicine and helping others that I thought to myself, how do I make a career out of my passion.

I believe I should be sponsored because I have an incredible love and passion for what I do.  I also have the tenacity and determination to see my dreams realised no matter the cost. I believe I'm tangible proof that a person can realise their dreams no matter their background and circumstance.

So here we come to my story...

Falling in love

When I fell in love with medicine, I thought to myself: Do I want to be a doctor? A surgeon? A Paramedic? Or do I want to be a nurse?

I went to a hospital for a month to experience everything and find out if it is the real thing for me. I got to now so many people and heard so many stories that touched my soul, that I knew after a week I definitely want to work in a hospital. 

But what got me to the decision to become a nurse?

A nurse is the person who is always on the patients side. You care about them, not just on the medical side also on the personal one. You learn about their lives, their stories and their families. I fell in love with the idea that I can be a part of the rehab process for so many people. 

I decided I want to study Nursing at the University of Vienna. I will be studying three years and will gain a Bachelor of Science and a Nursing Diploma all in one.

The only issue I had was that the programme only starts at October. So I had to wait a very long time. So, to use that time wisely, I decided to work for the red cross as a volunteer. I am part of the Rescue Team. It is a great experience and that is another reason why I need your help. I want to continue to work for the red cross. But if I want to do that I have to get the money for my tuition fee. Other wise I have to give that up and find a real job. 

Your money

If I reach £1500, I will only use them to pay my tuition fees.

Help Me succeed!

If you do not want to give me money, then please at least share my story - on Twitter, Facebook or any social media.

If you do not want to help me, than please donate to the red cross, there are many people out there who need your help!