The Oxford Brookes Student Film Festival

A film festival to celebrate the 3rd year film students final projects at Oxford Brookes University

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This project received pledges on Thu 17 Apr 2014

Our Project

We are a team of three highly dedicated and enthusiastic Film Studies students at Oxford Brookes University, who are putting on the first ever film festival in the Union Hall at Oxford Brookes to showcase the amazing films made by third year Film Studies students. The festival will be open to students as well as the wider community.

The festival will take place on Friday 2nd May 2014 and our intention is to screen 10 short films with each film having the potential to win an award for: best director, best picture, best cinematography and best original screenplay. For the guest panel we have had interest from BAFTA nominee Hugh Thompson (Dancing in the street: A Rock and Roll History) and Documentary Filmmakers Parisa Dunn and Ray Brady. There is even the possibility of getting Academy Award winning screenwriter Simon Beaufoy (The Full Monty, Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) on board the project.

This will be a great opportunity to celebrate the achievement of the third year students who have created a short film and enable students and the wider community to appreciate their talent and hard work. We invite all friends, family of the filmmakers and others to share and donate to make this happen!


Below are two stills and a poster from films showing at the festival 

Gauguin and the Rayon Queen (James Buckland, 2014)

Limbo (Damiano Martinelli, 2014)


Film Poster for 'This Is Catweazle' (James Royle, 2014)


The Million Dollar Question!

We are asking for donations in order to keep this a free event and thus attract as many people as possible. In order to do this, we need to raise £300 to cover the cost of food and drink, flyers, and also awards, but the minimum we need to organise a promising festival is £100.

There aren’t many events within Film Studies that give the wider community an opportunity to experience the amazing and inspiring works of these students. We want to try and change this by encouraging more people outside of Oxford Brookes University to attend the event, so a little advertising for the event can change this and is a definite necessity.

The festival will run over the course of four hours and in order to keep guests engaged and happy, we want to make some light refreshments and snacks available, especially when considering that the event will take place when people usually have dinner.

Awards will provide motivation for recipients to continue their great work, and will provide them with recognition for their achievements in Film Studies, which will also boost the sense of union within the department.


Money Isn't Everything

We are aware that not everyone will be able to offer financial help, but there are still ways that you could help us out with the project. We would really appreciate it if you could click the ‘I want to help’ button above if you are happy to help share our projects so that it can reach more people.

Your help can turn the tide!

If you like the sound of our event and want to offer help, we would be grateful if you could advertise our event in any way you can. This can be through word of mouth, following our Twitter page and retweeting the event details (found below), or by offering to volunteer either at the event, by handing out flyers or in any other way that will help make the event successful.


Final Remarks

If you have an further questions regarding the event, or if you want to check out our social media sites for regular updates and information on guest speakers and which film will be shown, you can like our Facebook page which can be found at or, follow us on Twitter at


We've Said it Once and We'll Say it Again!

Thank you so much for reading our request and we hope you are willing to consider funding our event. Even if you can't pledge money, anyway you can help out will be greatly appreciated, be it through advertising, offering to help organise, or even by attending the event on the night.


Thank You,


James, Alex and Elliot