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The health of everyone really matters. Help the smart and bright help improve health care!

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This project received pledges on Tue 24 Mar 2015

Hello, my name is Rosemond and I am trying to raise £20,000.00 to study an MBA in Health Care Management. I know it is a lot of money but I really need to raise this amount of funds in order to study the MBA course programme on a full time basis. I am the second daughter of a family of seven children. I am an approachable, caring, supportive and enthusiastic person, and I have a passion for health care management.

Recently, I have been offered a place to study an MBA in Health Care Management at Brunel Business School, starting January 2015. Brunel Business School has an excellent reputation for health care research. The school has established longstanding contract research, knowledge transfer Research & Development partnerships with some of the world's largest corporations, as well as with many innovative small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). So to gain a place at Brunel Business School in order to study the specialist MBA means quite a lot to me.

I studied a degree (BSc) in Specialist Nursing. I furthered my academic career studying a Masters degree (MSc) in Health and Society: Social Epidemiology at the University College of London (UCL) last year to gain in-depth insight on the link between ethnicity, migration and health, the social in-equalities in health relating to poverty and absolute and relative deprivation, and epidemiological research. Since then, I have been working hard as a health care practitioner and research, at a health care provider which has a massive catchment area where there are markedly wide socio-economic disparities in health, huge ethnic diversity, and a large young population. Even though I love what I am doing, I have discovered that I can only make a positive difference in health care in order to help people suffering from ill-health problems or injuries, if I study a specialist MBA course.

    Why is it important to study an MBA in Health Care Management specialisation?

      The health of everyone really matters. The future of health care is changing. Hence education also matters. Healthcare is a business and therefore needs good management and marketing to keep it running smoothly. Marketing services play an important role in today's competitive business world. The MBA Health Care Management course programme provides in-depth research-led knowledge on the health industry, focusing on interesting key areas which are:

      • Managing Service Operations and Change in Health Care
      • Leading people and managing organization
      • Strategic Marketing Management
      • Corporate and Competitive Strategy
      • Business Economics
      • Operations Management
      • Corporate and Business Finance
      • International Business

      As health has always been my domain, the MBA in Health Care Management is an important course programme to study because it will give me the necessary skills and enhance my ability to handle real-life business situations, to evaluate the performance of hospitals and how to improve health care service provision. It will provide me with exposure to various business leaders in the healthcare field as well as a diverse range of students from various professional backgrounds. The MBA study programme will broaden my knowledge in the areas of integrative thinking and problem solving. It will give me the opportunity to advance my career in general management practice in terms of quality teaching and research expertise, explore healthcare policy in-depth, manage change within the constantly evolving health care sector, and contribute towards excellence in health care service provision. 



          The full tuition fees for my MBA Health Care Management study is £19,500. Brunel University has given me with a 15% discount on my MBA study tuition fees (£19,500 - £2925 = £16575) because I gained a First Class Honors award for my undergraduate degree (BSc) study.  I have been given a further 15% discount by Brunel University (£16,575 - £2486.25 = £14,088.75) because I am a returning student (Brunel alumni). As a result, the final tuition fees for my MBA study is £14,088.75.

          Unfortunately, I am unable to afford the final tuition fees for my MBA Health Care Management study programme. I do not meet my employer's funding criteria hence I am not eligible for sponsorship. Salary levels in nursing are not too high and I have not been able to save enough money to fund the MBA study. I accrued debts (over £18,000.00) while studying my degree. I have been unsuccessful in securing a loan from money lending organizations. I have looked for other scholarships and bursaries but have been unsuccessful. Funding opportunities for MBA applicants are extremely limited.

          Even with money from work and also borrowed from family and friends, I still do not have enough to pay the minimum fee required by Brunel Business School for the first month of study. As a last resort, I am seeking financial support through crowdfunding because if I do not raise funds towards my MBA Health Care Management study, I will forfeit my place and miss this opportunity.

          Here is a breakdown of costs:

          • MBA tuition fees - £14088.75
          • Living costs (includes living in London, books, transport etc) -  £5,211.25
          • Paypal fees -  £700.00 (3.5% applied to successful projects)

          I plan on working only on weekends as a temp on an ad-hoc basis while I study full time in order to meet some of my needs.

          • I do have fabulous rewards for anyone who donates whatever the amount. Check it out.

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          Help ME succeed!

          Please, promote my project. All donations would be very much appreciated! Even if you are just interested about my project, let people know about it! Share this project with anyone you think would sponsor me – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog. I thank you all in advance for any contribution you make.

          'Where there is a will, there is way'