Opera Warwick Presents: The Beggar's Opera

Opera Warwick needs your support to help fund a student written jazz opera

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This project received pledges on Thu 06 Jun 2019

WE are one of the UK's leading student opera companies - but we need your help to keep it that way.

Opera Warwick is a society for all those who love opera or are looking for performance and creative production experience at Warwick. We are arguably the most innovative student opera society in the country, and this year we’re continuing to push the boundaries by putting on a completely original student-written jazz arrangement of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera. Our vision for this Opera is vast and the talent of our singers is better than ever, but we need your help to ensure we can put on the quality of show the UK has come to expect of us.

In recent years Opera Warwick has struggled financially due to disadvantageous deals over venue hire, causing us to severely limit the staging, props, and music we can afford for our shows. However, with the incumbent new exec we aim to not only acquire more reasonable deals, but to secure additional funding for our shows by using crowdfunding, fundraising, and sponsorship. And that's where you come in. Your donation is the first step towards helping Opera Warwick not only improve the quality of the sets and costumes we can afford, but to ensure that we have enough funds for our main theatre show next year and to continue with the high standard of shows you've come to expect from us.

A Night of Jazz, Romance, and Mystery

This term Opera Warwick take John Gay’s classic The Beggar’s Opera out of the London underworld and place it in one of the most familiar settings in Britain, a pub. Its patrons, the members of a local theatre company, are not afraid to make a song and dance to get a shot at performing the mysterious beggar’s brand new show on a stage. Arranged by Theo Caplan, the score of The Beggar’s Opera (1728) is transformed from hymns and folk songs to jazz and blues, all with a contemporary operatic and orchestral twist.

In this cut-throat tale, the top dog is Macheath, the charismatic captain of a band of thieves, who is on the run from his criminal employers and flirting with enough women to necessitate the invention of a love dodecahedron. Macheath uses his wit and charm to escape from a barrage of legal trouble, but what will he do when faced with romantic issues, in the form of Polly Peachum and Lucy Lockit? Join Opera Warwick in the Warwick Arts Centre Studio this June for a celebration of music, theatre and the enduring appeal of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera.

How your donations will help

Our initial goal is to raise £1500 to cover the cost of venue hire for the three nights the show is running. With this cost offset we will be able to put more funding into the set, costumes, and tech for this show to give our audience the best experience possible. Any additional funds raised will then go towards next years theatre show which will allow us to rent scores for a more popular opera as well as pay for the larger venue hire. In the current state of Opera Warwick's finances we would struggle to be able to afford to put on next years theatre show. Therefore, by donating to this project you are not only helping improve this terms studio show - you are ensuring the survival of Opera Warwick for years to come. 

A full breakdown of the current budgets and costs for our studio show this term can be seen below:

  • £500 one night’s hire of the studio*
  • £180-250 the costume for the entire cast
  • £15-30 a full make-up set for our show
  • £50-100 lighting gels for the studio theatre lights
  • £88 a drum-screen for the band
  • £250-350 our entire set/tech budget
  • £45 hiring the dance studio for a rehearsal

With your donations offsetting our venue hire costs we'll be able to expand some of the design budgets above to bring you an experience you won't forget. Not to mention the exclusive insight you'll gain into Warwick opera and the show with our extensive rewards scheme. Our exec also has a firm commitment to accountability through transparency, and so for every goal that we achieve we'll keep you updated on how your donations are helping us put on the best show possible. 

* - Currently the exec are in discussion with the arts centre to renegotiate the studio hire cost down to £300 per night, which would be in line with the other performance societies at Warwick. This price reduction would save us £600, which would go towards improving the sets and costumes for this show as well as helping to fund next years theatre show. However, if we don’t manage to renegotiate the venue hire price we would still be committed to setting aside some of the funds raised to improve the quality of the set, costumes, and tech for this show.

Short on cash? No worries.

You don't need to give us money to help us achieve our goal! By sharing this page with your family and friends on social media you can increase our outreach, not only for crowdfunding but for selling tickets to our shows. 

Our society Facebook page can be found here:https://www.facebook.com/operawarwick/

And the show Facebook page can be found here:


So if you can please donate and share this page as much as possible, but most importantly come and see our show on the 6-8th of June in the Warwick Arts Centre Studio for an experience you won't want to miss!