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A little about me!


My name is Melissa Mussington, and I am a 23 year old Caribbean born young woman from the island of Anguilla, with a love for sports, rehabilitation, and general well being. I came to this country about 4 years ago, and since my arrival I have done an intensive (AS and A2 at once) year at college in Biology and Chemistry, and I am currently entering my third year of university studying Sports Therapy BSc, with the intention of pursuing a MSc in Physiotherapy after this.




Project Overrule SFE stems from Student Finance England misleading me over the summer, assuring me that I fit the eligibility criteria and would be entitled student loan for my third year of university. As a result of this misdirection, my application for my student tuition fees has been rejected. 

We are all aware, either by experience or through someone, that third year of university is quite demanding. With the successful raising of the £9,000, there would be much less anxiety for myself as a student, and definitely add to the working population of England at large. 

It may seem minute, but the passion I have for sports, young people and health is contagious, and my friends and I have plans of offering our services for low income disabled people, when we do graduate. 


The Whole Truth!


Prior to my first two years of university, my father took a loan (£18,000) out in the Caribbean for me to cover tuition for the first two years. Over those two years, he has been paying an extra of £3,000 annually towards interest, which has been a strain on our family. This loan was just taken out for two years because I knew that after three years of residency in the UK, I would be entitled to Student Finance loan, which would cover my third and final year.

During this past summer, I have been in contact with Student Finance, and representatives, on different occasions, have told me that I would be entitled to the loan for my third year, and gave me a list of documents to send in. After doing exactly, and a little extra of what they asked of me, I attended uni on Monday 29th September and my ID card did not work. I then was forced to jump the barriers (or miss lecture), and did just that. I travelled to the Finance Department, which is at our other campus on the Wednesday (1st Oct), and was informed that I was not enrolled on the course (of which I have completed 2 years already). I proceeded to explain the status of my progress with Student Finance to the advisor, and she then made a call to them. To my surprise (and TOTALLY opposite to what they’ve been telling me throughout the summer) Student Finance England told the advisor that I was not entitled to the student loan. Their reason for such, was that I needed to be in the country three years PRIOR TO THE FIRST YEAR OF MY COURSE, however, the representatives have said three years PRIOR TO MY APPLICATION FOR STUDENT FINANCE.

This had now caused me some serious stress, as it is my final year, and to drop out would not be ideal. The only option I was presented with was paying this £9000 tuition fee, which I am now trying to do. I then, on Wednesday was told I had to pay £1800 on Friday (3rd Oct) or I will be kicked off the course. I worked tirelessly over the next two days and put my pride aside and asked everyone I knew for a donation, and loaned the rest, managing to be successful for that first payment. However, I now have to pay £2,400 every month until January without fail to avoid legal issues, and being kicked off the course.


Donating to this cause is worthwhile to not only myself, but the community, as you never know who's child or family member I could end up treating or training :) Educationally, it would enable a young woman to fulfill her dreams to climb up the ladder of educated people, whilst actually giving back. And uniquely, I have genuinely been misled by SFE, and by accumulating enough funds to complete my degree; I would be able to prove that where there is a will, there is a way!! 


The money goes…?



If, for any reason, I hit the minimum funding, all money will go directly to paying my balance for tuition. 

When the full target is hit, any additional money will be used for my textbooks, as I have to share with friends at the moment. Any other money will go towards my level 3 Personal Training course, as that is another passion of mine, and a small charity of my choice.

Once time permits, I intend to give updates via my Twitter account every week (@), and feel free to message me on there if your donation is words of encouragement!




Tuition: £9,000

Books: £500


(If target is surpassed)

Level 3 Personal Training course: £1,500


What's in it for YOU? (Rewards)


Have a look across at the Rewards List, and it would show how I intend to thank you for your generosity!!>>>>>>>

Remember: Any amount at this point will help me tremendously; so don't feel like there is a minimum! Every little helps!


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Togetherness to Succeed!!


If, for any reason you are unable to donate, NOT A PROBLEM!! Money is not the ONLY way of contributing. Simply SHARE this page to your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter friends who you think may be interested, and you've done a fair share to the success of the project!! 


Thank you in advance for your generosity, and pray we can work together to make this project a success!!!!


“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” 

― Brigham Young