Help me reach my goal!

Help fund me to continue to study in an opprtunity I was refused years ago!

Help me reach my goal!
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Completion Date: Fri 15 Nov 2019

A short summary of your project

I've created this page in an attempt to find some generous people who want to believe in the futures of others. I'm trying to find funding opportunities alongside working two jobs to pay for university fees.

Who are you?

I'm Paige, I'm 23 and originally from Manchester. Currently living in Cardiff after completing an undergraduate degree in Music at Cardiff University. This month I start my two year Masters course in Computing and IT Management, so, quite a change from Music!

Your story

During a family holiday many many years ago, my parents were at the check in desk of a hotel and there was a piano in the foyer, as the curious, perhaps nuisance of a child that I was, I sat at this piano and figured out how to play my favorite song (Three Blind Mice - I was 4 okay!). Since then, my parents decided to get me music lessons since I was clearly enjoying figuring out what and why some notes worked together and some didn't. After many changes of instruments throughout my school life, the violin became the love of my life. But growing up I had a secondary interest, computers and technology. I remember when wireless WIFI was just becoming a household convenience. I watched and learnt from my dad how this magical box of internet worked.

I've always been torn between a career in Music or a career in Technology. But that was semi decided for me when my high school was unable to offer ICT as an option for GCSE or A-Level. I thrived in the Music department and spent my break time, lunchtime and honestly I skipped other subjects so I could sit in the library and learn about the origins of music, specialist music and found my main interest was in the purpose, reason and communication that music provided throughout the centuries.

After getting my A-Levels I decided I wanted to continue to just learn and expand my interest to specific parts of music within culture. Three years later I graduated from Cardiff University as a Bachelor of Music. Yet, my love for playing the violin suffered horribly. The structure of the music course made me feel trapped with what I could play and explore with my playing, so I put the violin down and burrowed my head into books and research and found a fondness for learning cultural rituals and the psychological uses for music.

Since graduating, I've started playing again and am very happy that I've returned to the happiness it used to bring me, but I don't feel Music is a career path for me. I discovered the Computing and IT Management course that the University offers and after thinking about it for about 10 minutes, I applied. If the IT department, library and lectures can help me to learn all the skills and information that I missed out on since GCSE, then I am not missing an opportunity to gain that passion back. My Music degree taught me that I really enjoy learning and absorbing knowledge. I cannot wait to spend weekends in the library learning why certain computer algorithms work and some don't. I can't wait to learn just more than exploring a computer on my own, I want to create databases to help make life more convenient. I'm not sure how or what type of databases yet, but I would love to try set a challenge as a hobby alongside the degree that will help other people benefit from what I have learned.

    Where will the money go?

    Unfortunately, University and education does not come cheap. I have been awarded £5453 for the academic year 2019/2020, but the course fees are £9350. I will run into this problem again the following academic year, but I will cross that bridge when it

    I am not going to use any money to fund my own outgoings, I am working two jobs on very little sleep for that.

    Any money, even pennies, will add to the savings I have been working for to pay for the course fees


    It goes without saying that a BIG THANK YOU to anyone that is generous enough to help me with these amounting fees!

    But as a side project for myself and as a personal thank you, If you send me song requests I will get my violin and piano out and record a piece for you, or even want me to compose a song for you, then I'd love to put time and thought into it as you have done for me.

    If that doesn't appeal to you, then I've always loved the idea of having a pen pal, or doing something to give back to the community. If you send any suggestions of how I can give back and help others then send them to me and I shall send you photos, letters etc. of the work I'll be doing.