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Internship at the Delegation of Palau to UNESCO, helping preserve the world's smallest islands

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This project received pledges on Thu 21 Jul 2016

Who am I and what is this project about?

My name is Daisy Knox-Murphy and I am graduating this summer from the University of Manchester with a degree in European Studies and French. I am asking for your help in funding an unpaid internship that I will be doing in Paris from the 21st of July until end of December. I will be interning for the Delegation of Palau to UNESCO , in the hope of gaining valuable work experience whilst working on projects that also benefit the country of Palau, and UNESCO more generally.

How will your donation help?

The big picture

The central project I will be taking on during my internship is a climate change related project concerning the small island nation of Palau in the Pacific Ocean. Working with the Delegation of Palau will allow me to have a wide-ranging experience and take on substantial responsibility. This will be of enormous benefit to me in my future diplomatic career, but most importantly the work I will be doing is indispensable to the Pacific island nation of Palau.

The 200+ islands that compose Palau are under threat of disappearing due to rising sea levels, and with them their history, culture, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Rock Islands. The UN has categorised SIDS (small island developing states) as a priority group in the tackle on Climate Change, and Palau is one of those states.

The UN SIDS Protection Programme lays out the principle targets and guidelines to protect such places, and I will be working under these to outline Palau-specific dangers in the run-up to COP22 (the next UN Conference on Climate Change due to take place in November).

I also aim to improve the visibility of Palau (which not many people have ever heard of!) and other SIDS which are not very well represented at international level.

The Rock Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012

Why is this important to me?

We all know that finding a job after graduation is not exactly easy, so when I was offered the opportunity to do this internship I simply couldn't say no.- but I will need your help. I have always aimed to pursue a career within the UN, and I truly think that this is the best place to start! Not only will the internship offer me a unique insight into how UNESCO works and what it does, but I will gain all kinds of skills (most importantly diplomatic) that will help me find a job in the future. I will have the chance to meet people from all over the world and from all walks of life, whilst taking my level of French beyond degree level.

Where will your money go?

Working unpaid in this capital city for 5 months is going to be really challenging, but I've calculated that I can live on around £1000 a month covering all the basics (rent, travel, bills, etc). I really need your help to support these living expenses so that I can put all my energy into making the most of this amazing opportunity.

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Last but not least

A massive THANKYOU to all of you that help me in achieving this goal. Even if you can't donate, spreading the word via social media, even word of mouth could be really helpful. The more people know, the better!