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Completion Date: Thu 01 Jun 2017

A short summary of PAPERLESS

We are raising £6,000 to build an innovative Paperless solution for Point of Sales systems, which will enable sending receipts to customers instead of printing them. That will help individuals to budget, organize and track their spending; give companies analytical data for consumer preferences and help them to be innovative, cost efficient and customer friendly; save the planet and lead to less pollution and a cleaner environment.

Who are we ?

    Paperless team is a small group of friends:

    • Samy is an IT developer from Egypt, and our team's superstar when it comes to IT development. His greatest achievements in life are raising 2 awesome children and building up his career empire.
    • Our team other mastermind in IT development is Hamad, from Bahrain, who despite his ongoing studies in University, has already achieved great goals and started his own successful business.
    • The founder of the group is Helen, who is from Estonia, has an active financial career, her other passion than work is saving the environment.

The “paperless” story

You know the situation - where you have hundreds of useless receipts from cafes, movies and shops each week overflowing your wallet and when you need THE ONE receipt for a refund you can never find it? Even worse – you will find it, but it's been a few months after purchase, the ink has faded and it's not legible, so you will have zero proof of purchase?

Were you aware that paper receipts have chemicals causing cancer?! And polluting our environment, as they are non-recyclable?

United States of America cuts 10 million trees and spends 1 billion gallons of water, 250 million gallons of gas each year to create paper receipts, which creates 1.5 billion pounds of waste.

This inspired us to create Paperless.

Paperless is a solution that enables sending receipts to customers instead of printing them.

You will have all receipts organized and stored safely in your phone application, without worrying if any of them get lost or lose their value. You will never have to look for old receipts, as they are all safely stored on your phone application. You can also monitor and budget your spending and share online your details with 3rd parties, for example: taxpayers with their accountants or businessmen to support their travel expenses with ease.

  • For companies Paperless is innovative, customer friendly and cost efficient solution. They can use Paperless analytical data for consumer preferences to upgrade their marketing and sales.
  • Our aim is to be successful yet sustainable business, and not only benefit the consumers, but do it in an environmentally friendly manner.

where will the money go ?

If we reach the minimum target, it will give us enough funding for product testing and finalizing our Minimum Viable Product. In case we reach our maximum target, we can finalize our product development, marketing. With your help reaching the financial target, we will have a chance to introduce our product to the world.

Every extra amount above the target helps us to work faster and more efficiently, and will be used to bring our product to the market in the most innovative way.

We have built up our project management on milestone basis, cut it down into stages, where we have to reach in a fixed deadline.

Every milestone presents an achievement point where we need to be in a certain time with a certain outcome.

Project management updates will be done after every milestone and we will make them available on our social media.

For now, the first milestone is to present our innovative world changing idea to Crowdfunding and to start collecting funds.

Our spending will be on:

  • Servers
  • Venue renting.
  • Hardware (Testing Point of sale and barcode scanners)
  • Social media and marketing employees.
  • Developers & system engineers (Paperless Team)


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