Supporting Female Inmates in Ghana - IWD Campaign

Providing care packages for female inmates in Nsawam Prison, Ghana with Fair Justice Initiative

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In celebration of International Women's Day, People for Prisoners Society (P4P) is running a fundraising campaign to provide care packages of basic necessities for female inmates at Nsawam Medium Security Prison-Ghana's largest prison facility.

In line with the Society's aims, we seek to restore the fundamental human rights of these women, and to remind them that they are worthy in spite of their past wrongdoings.

We have partnered with The Fair Justice Initiative (FJI), a local NGO based in Ghana, that seeks to combat discrimination against current and former inmates, ensure equal access to effective legal representation, and to improve the conditions of confinement in Ghanaian prisons. 

For this campaign we are focused on alleviating the issue of poor nutrition and sanitation for female inmates:

  •  Food is provided once a day in Nsawam Medium Security Prison; a bowl of corn meal with limited nutritional value.
  • The Fair Justice Initiative delivers regular care packages to address this need. These contain items such as: Indomie (noodles), tomato puree, rice, laundry soap, bathing soap, powdered milk, sugar, bread, hot chocolate sachets, cooking oil, biscuits, juice, toilet paper. 
We are hoping to raise £500 by 22nd of March 2019! 

About us?

Since October 2017, People for Prisoners has advocated for the fundamental human rights of prisoners- particularly in developing countries, where conditions are critically poor.

By partnering with local activists and organisations, we seek to maximise the impact of pro bono initiatives that improve the quality of life in prisons, by providing basic necessities for daily living, as well as educational and vocation schemes and rehabilitative programmes; and providing more efficient access to the legal system for inmates, as well as legal representation.

Why Donate?

We are prompted by the simple fact that people of different backgrounds are made up of different stories which constitute their lives and identities.

In the context of third world countries, against a background of poverty, lack of access to education and inadequate means of earning a living, people turn to narcotics, theft and other crimes. While we believe in the criminal justice system applying the rule of law in sanctioning people, we do not believe that any person should be dehumanised for their crimes. Unfortunately due to inadequate infrastructure in prisons in Ghana, this is inevitably the end result.On this celebratory occasion, help us restore humanity in the female inmates of Nsawam Prison.

To learn more about The Fair Justice Initiative, visit

Where will the money go?

  •  A delivery of 80 care packages costs c. GHc 3,200 - 10,000 (depending on exact contents). 
  • That ranges from approximately 500-1,500 pounds sterling.

Some pictures from fji

  • These images are taken from activities undertaken by The Fair Justice Initiative at the Nsawam Prison.


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