3D scanner

To allow our pupils creativity to become reality.

3D scanner
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Completion Date: Mon 02 Apr 2018


Number of students that will benefit: approx. 1500

Age of students: 12 - 18

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 10.8%


Perth High School is a six-year, non-denominational comprehensive secondary school which accepts pupils from southern and eastern parts of the city of Perth as well as the villages and rural areas to the south and east of Perth.

Perth High School Design, Engineering & Technology department has just undergone a significant refurbishment and is well equipped with 3 suites of 20 PC's for pupils use, 3D printers as well as a  laser cutter and CNC 3D router.

What do you want?

We would like to purchase a Scanify 3D scanner so that our pupils creativity can continue to flourish.  Purchasing additional filament for our 3D printers would allow more pupils to have the opportunity to see their design realised in 3D.

Who is this for?

Pupils from S1 to S6 could easily use the scanner to capture existing models and items to be included in their own designs

Why do you want it?

3D scanning opens up a plethora of new and exiting design challenges; pupils' designs made from clay or plasticine can be captured and manipulated using 3D modelling software then printed; existing items can be captured and pupils challenged to design around them; areas of the school can be captured in 3D so that pupils can redesign.

These are only a snapshot of what could be possible if Perth High school D.E.T. department were able to purchase a 3D scanner.


1 x 3D scanner @ £891.00 https://www.technologysupplies.co.uk/scanify-handheld-3d-scanner.html

1 x black spool @ £30.00 https://www.technologysupplies.co.uk/black-1-75mm-abs-3d-printer-filament.html

1 x grey spool @ £30.00 https://www.technologysupplies.co.uk/grey-1-75mm-abs-3d-printer-filament.html

Subtotal: £951.00

Credit card fees (2%): £19.02

Grand total: £970.02


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