Support Kishore Kumar to finish his PhD


Support Kishore Kumar to finish his PhD
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Completion Date: Fri 11 May 2018
  • Dear friends,

    This is Kishore Kumar here.  I got admission to  PhD in Economics and Management (Management Specialisation) in University of Aveiro. The University of Aveiro is ranked 500-600 in the World University rankings  and also 81st among the youngest Universities in the world by Times Higher Education in 2017 ( It is ranked with in the top 600 by QS Top Universities (  I should join the University as quickly as possible. However I am facing some financial challenges which is denting my confidence.

    My challenges emanate from a need to pay around £250 for home loan and take care of the family expenses and then on top of that take care of the tuition fees. The tuition fees for 3 years come around Euro 10000. I had to take a home loan as when my father died, when I was 17, we had a dilapidated home. I had to sell that and move to a better house which was purpose built, but a bit more expensive than I thought. Nevertheless, my mom is happy with the house and therefore I am happy as well.

    I worked hard in the mean time to improve my English communication skills, but to be honest with you friends, I could not make enough savings which could have been used as tuition fees now.

    I have written two books. The first one is "Depression why it can be the doorway to joy and self discovery" and the second one Literature Review: How to do it quickly and effectively at crunch time". I have written an article as well which   is "Ethics Driven CSR to enhance corporate identity, corporate brand and reputation to fulfil social contract". International Journal of Management Research and Business Strategy. 5 (4) pp. 55- 80.

    As part of enhancing my commitment towards contributing towards society, I have started a Blog, where in I started to discuss about some of the books I read and what everyone of us can learn from that. I named it Quotes and Thoughts. The HTTP of that blog is I will be adding more book reviews to this, I promise.

    Once I commence the course, which I am supposed to by June 2018, I will keep you updated of the progress and ensure that your contributions are well worth of meeting the intended purpose. You can contact me at

    Kindest Regards,

    Kishore Kumar.