The Pheasant: An Outreach Opera

Providing an opportunity for young people from across Yorkshire to engage with contemporary opera.

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The project...

'The Pheasant: An Outreach Opera' provides young people from across North Yorkshire the opportunity to work and perform alongside talented students from the Royal Academy of Music in a contemporary opera. The score has been composed by recent composition graduate, David C. Rose, with a libretto co-written with fellow Yorkshireman, Joe Houseman.  

Who are We?

David C. Rose is a London based composer who recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Music. Hailing from the North of England, he began the project as a result of his passion and interest in the arts and education in the Yorkshire region.

Joe Houseman is a London based writer and masters student in Philosophy at UCL who previously studied in Yorkshire. A long time friend and colleague of David's, Joe similarly shares a passion for engaging young people in contemporary art.

Our story...

This project was born out of our passion for education through participation and has been in development for several years. We believe that young people should have direct access to contemporary art, music, and theatre that is being written, played, and performed by working musicians and creatives today. We have seen from practical experience that young people react with great enthusiasm when given the opportunity to engage in the creation and performance of new music and theatre. We know from our own childhoods that young people from across the Yorkshire region find it difficult to access, let alone participate in, a contemporary art scene. We are determined for this opera to provide such an opportunity that otherwise would not be available. It is projects and initiatives such as this which opened up the doors for us, without which we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

We intend to bring a soprano, a tenor, and twenty instrumentalists from the Royal Academy of Music up to the town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, to work alongside young people from across the region in the performance of a new opera to be premiered in autumn 2020. We have been working closely with the Royal Academy of Music, the North Yorkshire County Music Service, Harrogate Stagecoach, as well as establishing relationships and connections with local comprehensive schools, youth music charities and local festivals. 

It is our firm belief that some of the most valuable learning experiences a young person can have come from participating in the creation of art. This project seeks to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their own artistic identity through collaborating with each other and young professionals. We believe that having these young people, meet, observe, and work with students from the Royal Academy of Music, only a few years older than themselves, will inspire the artists in them; showing them a world that they may not have known existed and proving to them that they are welcome. 

How you can Help...

This project relies on your support. Your donation will facilitate an experience for a young person that they otherwise may not have. This may go on to have a profound impact on their life. 

By donating and helping us work towards our target amount, you will be actively facilitating the transportation, accomodation, and fees for the students from the Royal Academy of Music, allowing them over the course of a week, to work closely with the young people. This is the foundation upon which the rest of the project is built. 


We can't thank those who choose to support these young people enough. However, as a token of our appreciation several 'Rewards' are available.


the Work we've done already...

David has been keen to involve the young people in creating his score for the opera and has been workshopping various musical ideas with them since March. The students were actively involved and encouraged to make suggestions to shape the material he gave them. We are keen that the young people feel a sense of ownership over the music they will eventually perform. 

Our Support in the north...

"The proposed project would benefit both our young people in North Yorkshire as well as students from the Royal Academy of Music. Pupils in schools would be able to access opera in an inclusive environment, being inspired and informed by working with young musicians from the Royal Academy. Our young musicians would rehearse and perform alongside RAM Students and gain a real insight into the standards required to attend a conservatoire, whilst also having the opportunity to talk with students about college life. 

"As professional teachers working for a Music Hub our staff would be able to talk to RAM students about the realities of working in a Music Hub, what we expect from new teachers, and how to build a portfolio career as well as a good pedagogy in a modern music service."

  • Ian Bangay, Head of North Yorkshire County Music Service.

"I have absolutely no qualms about supporting the funding by David C. Rose for his opera project. I have been impressed with his enthusiasm of the whole process of theatre as well as his determination to engage young people in the creation of art. He has wanted young people to engage and have input into the work from the very start. To that end, he travelled to North Yorkshire to run a workshop with my students at Harrogate Stagecoach. The students, aged from five to eighteen, responded with great positivity to David's leadership. He presented them with interesting ideas and techniques they had not experienced previously and worked with him to create some really impressive sounds. He has returned to develop this work further several times.

"He is determined to give these young people the chance to be part of this ambitious project, giving them opportunities to work with talented Academy musicians and performers."

  • Ann Percival, Harrogate Stagecoach, Rockschool PAA Examiner.

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