Physical Computing Brings Coding to Life

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Completion Date: Wed 13 Dec 2017


Number of students that will benefit: 250

Age of students: 10-13

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 19.7%


Introduce your school

Camden School for Girls is an all ability secondary school for girls in London, with a mixed sixth form. We have a very high reputation for art and music and an increasing number of younger students who are very keen on coding, particularly with physical devices that they can see doing something, reacting to their commands. The school has been described as "outstanding" by OFSTED in all categories.

What do you want?

We would love to buy some computing equipment, to support what we've already got! At the moment, our Year 7 and 8 students are using BBC micro:bit, and we have a group from a local primary school who visit our school at weekends to use BBC micro:bit, Crumble and Raspberry Pi. This might sound like a lot of tech already, but we need more! We want to show our students that programming isn't just theoretical, but can make things react .

Primary school children celebrate Bonfire Night Crumble style!

We're hoping to buy more Raspberry Pis because our current ones are outdated. They'd especially help our students who are learning Python, a programming language, because they can have greater freedom to experiment and learn by making mistakes than on the school network.

We'd also love to get some inventors' kits and accessories for the BBC micro:bit so that we can put the micro:bits to best use.

We're sure that it's worth buying these products, since we love what we already have - but so far it's been funded by one of our Computer Science specialists, Mr French. We want to make CS sustainable!

We will be able to fund ongoing replacements and consumables from fees earned through running courses for teachers from other schools.

Who is this for?

The main users will be Year 7 and 8 students at the school and small groups of visiting primary school students. We will use the products in Computer Science and Design Technology lessons, before- and after-school clubs & events and also weekend classes.

Why do you want it?

Computer Science is an incredibly important subject, both now and to prepare our young people for the future. It's not just about what's on the screen; it's about making things do stuff. Putting physical devices in the hands of students is as important as providing traditional labs for Science lessons. Watching something you've written in code make an object move is extremely rewarding, and helps us see the importance of what we're learning. We'd really appreciate your support in supplementing our existing resources.


Everything in this list will show the students that with programming they can make things happen.

If we raise our minimum target, we will buy:

10x Inventor's club bundle Inventor's Kits @ £23.75 each = £237.48

Credit card fees @ 2%: £4.75

Total: £242.23

If we raise our maximum target, we will buy instead:

25x Inventor's Kits @ £574.74

100x 10mm red LEDs @ £1.80 per 10 pack = £18.00

100x 10mm green LEDs @ £0.132 each = £13.20

100x 10mm yellow LEDs @ £1.44 per 10 pack = £14.40

25x motor controller boards @ £10.62 = £265.50

20x battery boxes @ £0.84 = £16.80

20x small motors @£1.26 each = £25.20

1000 pack of 220R resistors @ £5.22

10 Raspberry Pi 3 @ £34.00 each = £340.00

10 Micro USB Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi (5V 2A) @ £5.00 each = £50.00

10 HDMI to DVI converters @ £3.00 each = £30.00

10 micro SD cards @ £9.00 each = £90.00

Delivery: £2.50

Sub total = £1,445.69

+ credit card fees (2%) = £28.91

Total = £1,474.60


Please do donate, however little. If you can't, please mention our project to friends and colleagues and do share the link.

We'll be using free software to write mobile phone apps later this year: if you have an old, even very old, Android phone, please consider sending it to us. Nice to have a charger but not essential. But no broken screens, please!