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Annual Physics Student's Colloquium

Aimed at bringing new, fun physics to everyone!

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This project received pledges on Wed 27 Aug 2014
7 years, 11 months ago



So we've nearly reached our minimum target, just a little push and we'll get there! It's all becoming real now; with designs being readied for our programmes, banners and website.


To those who have made donations so far: thank you so, so much. Those who have shared it: it's a massive help. And everyone else, if you can spare anything at all, or share the event, we will be extremely grateful.


Best wishes,


The Physsoc Team

7 years, 11 months ago

Hello all!

So lots has happened since we began this project! We've had confirmation of attendance from all the speakers and the fair is starting to come together. We can confirm that the Physics Outreach department will be bringing the ever popular Cosmodome and there are going to be lots of other things to explore and do at the fair!

The York Science Week has also sprung up with the Colloquium being set as it's grand closing event. Science Week is going to be a fantastic event with lost of free events so do keep an eye out for it and we'll give you more information in a little while.

As I said before we have recieved confirmation from all the speakers and thier talk topics are as follows.

Physics and Maths of Computer Games and Special Effects - Dr Jon Purdy
The End of Simulation - Professor Mike Payne
Supercomputers for Science - Dr Matt Probert
Bio-Archaeology - Dr Yvette Hancock
Is Radiation Really That Bad? A Look Into a Greener Future - Professor Wade Allison

We are very close to reaching out goal of £500! If we reach this the event will definatly be going ahead. Money we make beyond this will be used to make the event better. Things like the buffet and proper livestreaming facilities are what the rest of the money will be used on. Also we would like to produce programs for the event and the money will be used for this.

We'd like to thank anyone who has made a donation so far. If you want to continue helping this project please sign up as a helper! Please spread the word about this colloquium to your freinds, families, old science teachers or anyone else you can think of. It will be a great help.

Thank you once again for your support.

The Physsoc Team