Grey College Postgraduate Symposium

A day-long event for Grey Postgraduates

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Grey Postgraduate symposium

We would like to raise £600 to help fund a day long Postgraduate Symposium on March 11th. Your donations would help fund Poster and abstract book printing, lunch for the attendees and prizes for the best presentations.

What we Would Like to Achieve

Hello my name is Marcus and I'm the Postgraduate Mentor at Grey. I'm working with Peter Swift and Tom Allen to bring a full day Postgraduate Symposium.

Currently, Grey MCR and the wider postgraduate community run a postgraduate seminar in the evening at least once a term so students can give a 15-minute presentation on their work or a topic that interests them. These give postgrads the chance to practice their public speaking skills, an important skill when applying for jobs and one that is often overlooked in education. It also gives people the opportunity to find out more about their peers' work and interests and ask them questions. The purpose of this campaign is to raise money to run a day-long postgraduate symposium on Saturday the 11th of March. This will make the event more professional, giving more people the opportunity to present and allowing students to give poster presentations. In order to make this event more enjoyable for the participants and audience, we would like to raise some money to print posters and abstract books for the event, provide lunch for the attendees, and award prizes for the best presentations. Your contributions will help make this event as rewarding as possible for those taking part.

Why are we Running This Campaign?

Me and Peter Swift decided to run this campaign to help fund this Symposium and provide the best experience for those taking part that we can. In particular, we want to offer students the chance to present posters in addition to giving normal presentations, as a lot of postgraduate degrees and future careers in research require you to present posters and this is good practice for when students will have to present them in a more formal setting. However, posters are expensive to print and it would be great if we could cover the cost of printing these, we could encourage more people to present posters. In addition, providing abstract books and lunch would make the event more professional and convince more livers out to attend the event, a common problem we have encountered when running the evening seminars. Finally, giving prizes for the best presentations will help to encourage people to present and give the best presenters a reward for all of the hard work they have put in to making their presentations. While we could still run the event without the funding, we may be unable to cover the printing costs for posters and abstract books, and be unable to provide lunch and prizes, which would diminish the value of the event to those attending or taking part.

How will your Contributions be Spent?

  • The most important expenditure is the cost of printing posters. This will amount to £15 a poster and the minimum funding (£150) will allow 10 students to present posters.
  • Abstract books will be printed for all attendants and will present a short summary of the information being presented. Each book will cost £1.50, totaling £60 for 40 attendees.
  • Lunch would be provided for attendees. This would be £5 each, totaling £200 for 40 attendees.
  • Prizes would be provided for the best presentations and posters. These will depend on donations but we are aiming for at least one prize for both posters and presentations of at least £50.
  • Any further funds will be used for additional posters, prizes and to help fund similar events in the future.


  • Rewards for donations range from a mention in the abstract book to an invitation to attend and even having a prize named after you!


Why is a day long seminar better?

By running a day long seminar, we can have a wider range of presenters and topics. We will also have the time to run poster presentations, something we don't normally run at the evening seminars. It will also provide a more professional environment for the speakers.

What happens if you raise over £600?

If we exceed our goal, extra money will be used to fund additional prizes and posters, or be put towards running a similar event next year.

What will the topics of the symposium be?

Presentations are always on a wide range of topics, including a mixture of students' research and topics that interest them. A few examples of previous presentation topics are: dark matter, the evolution of distance running in humans, fluorine chemistry, the relationship between chairs and comfort, weird fiction and prehistoric carnivores.

Help us succeed!

Please contribute towards the Grey Postgraduate Symposium and help to make it as great an event as we can possibly run. Through your donations, we can run a fantastic event that will benefit the lives of our postgraduate students for years to come. If you can't donate, please share this project with everyone you can to help spread the word. Thank you for any help you can provide!

4 months, 1 week ago

Thank You Everyone!

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of our sponsors. Through your donations the event went really well and was enjoyed by all those who attended and took part.

How did the Postgraduate Symposium Go?

The event was a great success. A total of 8 presentations and 6 talks were given throughout the day on a wide variety of topics. All of the posters and presentations were interesting and well presented and the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part and attended. A copy of the abstract booklet, that contains details of all the talks and posters that were presented, will be sent to all of our sponsors, so you can see the wide range of knowledge that was displayed for yourself.

So how were your Donations Spent?

There were several major expenditures for the event that your donations covered:

  • £ 100 was used to cover the printing costs of abstract booklets, a copy of which will be sent to all our sponsors
  • £ 45 was used to cover the cost of printing posters for the event
  • There was a £ 50 cash prize for the best presentation awarded to Hannah Piercy for her presentation 'Monstrosity or Misogyny? Female Sexuality and Monstrosity in Medieval Romance'
  • The remaining donations were used to cover the cost of catering for the event, including lunch and tea and coffee

What will Happen Moving Forward?

After the success of this first Grey Postgraduate Symposium, we are hoping to run a similar event next year. This will allow a new generation of Postgraduates to benefit from this event.

I would like to close by once again thanking you all for making this such a fantastic event, it would not have been possible without your generous contributions.

4 months, 3 weeks ago

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the campaign so far! Thanks to your donations, we have reached and exceeded our minimum funding target, meaning the event will go ahead as intended.

What Now?

Now that the minimum funding target has been met, we can cover the cost of printing posters for the event. In addition, the extra funding will allow us to print abstract booklets, making the event more professional for all those attending. Finally we will be guaranteeing a prize of at least £50 for the best overall presentation.

Further funding will be used to provide lunch for all attendees, and awarding further prizes.

An Overview of the Symposium

Now that we have met our minimum funding goal, we can give you an overview of the event. The symposium will consist of 3-4 blocks of 3-4 presentations. Each presentation will last 15 minutes and there will be time for questions after each talk.

In between the presentations there will be a break for lunch, and after the talks are concluded there will be a poster presentation session followed by the awarding of prizes.

How will the Event Benefit Postgraduates?

The symposium will allow those presenting to develop their presentation and public speaking skills. In addition it will give some students the opportunity to present posters, a useful skill that is often required for research degrees.

Perhaps more importantly, the symposium will help the attendees learn about a wide variety of different subjects, broadening their knowledge of fields not related to their degree.

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