PPE Summer Ball - Financial aid recepient ticket subsidies

Raising money to allow those in financial difficulty a chance to attend our ball

PPE Summer Ball - Financial aid recepient ticket subsidies
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Completion Date: Fri 05 May 2017

Thank you all for reading this.

This project, i'm afraid, will not save lives. It is however still important, in our opinion, and we hope that we can demonstrate this.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (sponsors dropping out), our end of year ball is threatening to be exceptionally expensive. We are worried that having an expensive end of year ball will mean that certain people who would like to attend a ball, possibly their last chance to at university, will not be able to due to the price. We feel that it wouldn't be fair on them to have to miss out on something so memorable, and so symbolic of a university experience, due to a factor such as price.

Our aim is to be able to provide subsidies to those students, in or outside of the society, who receive some sort of financial aid from the university. Such students are not likely to have £30 of disposable money at this time of the year with other areas of life seeming too much of an opportunity cost in exchange for one evening. We want to allow this 'choice' to become a non-issue so that we can run an inclusive event for those of any and all economic backgrounds.

We have to turn to you for help. We wish that we could self-fund this project, as we don't wish to ask for money for something that seems as exclusive as this, but we are in a position now where we have no choice. So, we'd like to stress to you that it is not such an exclusive event.

The PPE Society hosts over 300 members- of which some 90 are first years, and some 125 are final year students. Amongst these are represented multiple faiths, cultures and characters. The end of year ball is when this melting pot is best represented- the most inclusive event of the year, with all PPEers mixing and exchange tips, memories and jokes. We hope to provide a ball that is friendly, not centred on drinking and importantly affordable, for all those that spend the year looking forward to it.

We are unwilling to let down our society, especially due to a set-back such as a sponsor dropping out, so this is a plea for even a very small amount of money. A seemingly negligible amount of money will contribute towards making an event which may be immortalised and hung on proud parents' walls for decades, akin to a graduation but with nicer dresses and less silly hats.

In addition, there will be charity events running on the night which will be more successful the more heads we can get through the door so any donations to us, although not directly, will also be aiding another, significantly better, cause.

We really hope that you can help us.  We'll be posting updates on our social media, so please give us a follow if you're interested and please please send a message if you have any questions at all or even suggestions.

Thanks very much

Sam Sayer and Thomas Rudkin

-sheepish yet optimistic PPE Treasurers