Pre Retro

An ambitious sci-fi rom-com short

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• Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video: See how we made the film, with interviews and footage from the film shoot.

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Estimated delivery: 1 June 2017

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• Be an extra in PRE RETRO: A day out on a film set at the beginning of February, you’ll be in one of the film’s most important scenes, and you’ll receive a digital photo album of pictures from the day.

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Estimated delivery: 1 February 2017

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• Digital Concept Artwork Package: A collection of original PRE RETRO character designs, storyboards, and graphics that we used to make the film.

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• VIP Access All Areas Pass: Exclusive material from the production, as it happens - you’ll receive pictures, videos, and other updates from casting, through filming, all the way to the final film. AND you’ll get a PRE RETRO VIP badge to show off to your mates.

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Estimated delivery: 1 January 2017

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• First Minute of PRE RETRO, with Personalised Intro + Signed Poster: A high quality digital copy of the opening sequence from PRE RETRO, with an introduction from the producers completely unique to you! PLUS a PRE RETRO poster signed by the cast and crew.

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• Personalised Handmade Scrap Book: From the Art Director of PRE RETRO, you’ll receive your very own personalised PRE RETRO Scrap Book including photos, artwork, and more exclusive bits and pieces from the production in a beautifully handmade book.

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• Choose a prop for PRE RETRO: Films need lots of different props, and with this reward you can choose one to appear in PRE RETRO from our props list - maybe something that you own! And you’ll receive a credit in the film as well.

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Estimated delivery: 1 February 2017

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• Intimate Private Screen of PRE RETRO with the Producers: You’ll be treated to a premiere of the finished film, with its makers, and you’ll receive a goody bag full of PRE RETRO merchandise AND a copy of the finished film.

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• The Executive Producer Experience: Be truly spoilt with a fancy night out on us, including dinner, a few bottles of bubbly, and a film screening of your choice with up to 30 of your friends! You’ll be able to experience the life of a big shot Executive Producer - or, it could make the perfect gift for a film obsessed loved one! (Available from mid-February onwards).

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Estimated delivery: 1 February 2017