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Sustaining Prexy Council, Supporting CAFES Clubs, and Promoting Agriculture

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It’s no secret that the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) Prexy Council impacts hundreds of students each year. Do your part in sustaining Prexy Council, supporting CAFES clubs, and promoting agriculture through events and programs such as SDSU Ag Day by donating to our endowment! This endowment will help Prexy Council continue to support CAFES clubs and promote agricultural literacy through our programs and events every year.

 When you invest in us, you are investing in more than just the council itself; you are making an impact on our students through their involvement in clubs and organizations and the promotion of agriculture in our communities and beyond. 

Who we are

Prexy Council serves as the student-led governing body of CAFES clubs and organizations. Each year, the organization hosts multiple events to help bring awareness to our clubs and organizations that participate in Prexy Council, including our widely-recognized campus Ag Day celebration. 

our story

Prexy Council consists of representatives from each of the CAFES clubs and organizations on our campus. The council is overseen by an executive board, which prepares meeting agendas and items of business to present to club representatives, organizes events for CAFES students, and hosts campus-wide Ag Day, a celebration of agriculture and promotion of agricultural literacy at SDSU. 

 At the beginning of the fall semester, Prexy Council hosts an ice cream social for all students to attend. Students have the opportunity to meet members of CAFES clubs and organizations through booths at the social and learn more about what each group could offer them while at SDSU. This event sees large attendance every year, as many freshmen use the opportunity to find exactly where their passions and interests could align in organizations they may never have known existed.  

Other events hosted by Prexy Council include finals week study sessions, a winter hot chocolate social, CAFES Scholarship Banquet, and other events brainstormed by Prexy Council representatives. Additionally, Prexy Council recognizes outstanding clubs and teachers every year through the Teacher of the Year and Club of the Year awards. Nominations for Teacher of the Year are submitted by clubs, and the nominees are scored by representatives from the Students Association and the council. Club of the Year applications are reviewed and determined by Prexy Council as well. 

Campus Ag Day, created over a decade ago by the Prexy Council, is a celebration unlike any other at SDSU. In the past, the day’s festivities have included booths from CAFES clubs and agricultural industry sponsors lining the union and other campus buildings to promote agriculture to all SDSU students, a banquet featuring a speaker highlighting an important topic for the agricultural community, and the announcement of the CAFES Club of the Year, Teacher of the Year, and Advocate. The CAFES Advocate, formerly known as the Ag & Bio Queen, is a position voted on by the student body to serve the college on the Prexy Council executive team the following year. Every year, a favorite Ag Day event includes the distribution of the Ag Day shirt, something that many students collect throughout their time as a Jackrabbit. 

CAFES Prexy Council is not just another student organization on campus. It is the “leaders of leaders” of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences. With hundreds of student leaders in the college, Prexy Council provides students with a place to pursue their goals.  

Where will the money go?

Prexy Council aims to establish an endowment to support student endeavors in our clubs and organizations and promote the agricultural industry through our various programs and events, including campus-wide Ag Day, CAFES ice cream social, CAFES career fair, and more. Through programs and events, Prexy Council brings agricultural awareness to students inside and outside of CAFES at SDSU. This endowment would help keep the tradition of Ag Day rooted at South Dakota State University for years to come.

Prexy Council’s annual budget has now reached nearly $15,000. With Ag Day celebration costs averaging $10,000 per year, we are setting our goal to retain $50,000 in the next five years for our endowment fund. This amount will ensure the continuation of not only Ag Day, but all of Prexy Council’s endeavors, including the ice cream social and CAFES Teacher of the Year/Club of the Year programs. This fund will not just support the efforts of Prexy Council each year; donations made will make an incredible impact on our student body, our college campus, and the ag industry. 

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Find us on Facebook at SDState – College of Ag, Food, & Environmental Sciences Prexy Council  

Help us succeed!

Please help the CAFES Prexy Council create a legacy and secure the future of agriculture on our campus. There are many ways to help us succeed! In addition to your financial contribution, please help us spread our message by sharing this project with anyone who you think would like to support the future of our students, our college, and our impact on the agriculture industry. Our project can be shared via social media or by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence with a neighbor, on your personal blog, and more. The more our story is shared, the larger the impact YOU can help us make on our future.