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Project Ghana 2019
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This trip last year, was an eye opening experience for a lot of us that went to Ghana. The Ghanaian Society and African Caribbean Society of De Montfort Students' Union helped raise money to support the St Michael's Vocational School, Positive Chain Reactions Charity and the Hopesetters Autism Centre. While in the country, we also volunteered our time over the seven days to help these three organisations with their day to day operations.

The Mission

This year, we plan to go back and accomplish more than we did last year. We hope to raise more funds to help the three organisations reach their targets and like lats year, volunteer more time to help them carry out their day to day activities.

So far, we have raise £2000 towards this trip and we need your help to raise a further £2000. 

1. The St Michael's Vocational School- kumasi

 The school was set up with the goal of engaging the youth so that they have the opportunity to develop employable skills which they can use to enrich their future. The school started with 6 girls in 1993 and currently has 60 students.

On our visit last year, we spent a day at the school and with the students. We gained insight into their student life and donated £1200 towards the development of their kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is now at about 60% completion.

Target This Year:

  • Completion of Kitchen and Bathroom
  • Laptop or tablets for IT development
  • Donation to improve living environment in Bedrooms

2. Positive Chain Reactions- kumasi

PCR is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation involved in rural education and rural development. Their prime aim it to give young children the chance of a good education no matter their background.  They currently help educate young children in poor communities that do not receive adequate literacy and numeracy skills in school.  

On our visit last year we volunteered as coordinators and also help set up their first library club in Pramso, Kumasi.

Target This Year:

  • Completion of "The PCR Literacy Clinic"-A study space to enable the aims of the organisation
  • Help facilitate their literacy programme by volunteering as coordinators
  • Provide books [If you will like to donate books, please email us]
  • Laptop or Tablet for It Development

3. Hopesetters autism centre-Accra

The Hopesetters Autism Centre has the prime aim of fo assisting the daily nurturing and development of autistic individuals in Accra. From what we witnessed last year, the centre does their absolute best to provide for the clients with little resources.  

Since our visit last year, they have moved into a 3 bedroom building, which is much better than the single room they had located at the back of catering school. 

Target This Year:

  • Tablets [2-5] to help with IT Development and Augmentative communication to help the clients with speech skills.
  • Help facilitate their programmes by volunteering as coordinators
  • Donation to improve the site and living conditions

Help us succeed!

Our Hope is that we can truly honour the request of these organisations that are doing their absolute best with so little achieve their aims.

So please help us reach the target and in doing so, help change the lives of these young children and young adults.

Help Us to Make an Impact.

Please share this project with anyone and everyone — on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.

In fact, share it with everyone you know as we think it's a great idea, and the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly. 

Thank you in advance.