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Project Render

Help us create the games makers and 3D animators of the future!

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Completion Date: Fri 14 Jul 2017

Key Stats

Number of students this will benefit: 22

Age of students: 16-18


I'm raising £1500 to buy a highend PC for my students which will have this impact because we can use it for multiple use such as a rendering system were we would use it to render high end 3D animation and models. Also use the PC for motion capture with our existing xbox kinect camera and game testing to be used for our gaming course.

My students

We are the future of the nextgen industry and we are trying push our education to further limits, this is sometimes challenging due to our existing resources. What makes our students unique is their unrelenting energy and hard work. From that they have discovered a passion that will take them to new length.

Currently we have a student who has entered for World Skillset UK competition and is likely to do very well.

My Project

Our story starts at the beginning of this academic year when we were introduced to our amazing staff. Upon starting the course we realised that our technology had some flaws that kept us from our full potential, due to the specs of our macs which slows down our work for example rendering time which usually takes up to three days to complete.

We require a high end PC to complete much work and speed up our course, letting us move onto higher quality professional work.

A perfect example of this is, in one of our classes we are making a group project using multiple softwares and techniques. If we had a high end PC to composite all the work the rendering time should take less then a day, for 13 pieces of work.

Where your donation goes:

We would like to purchase a high end PC, this is the breakdown of costs (including VAT):

Grand Total = £1,537

Examples of our student's work:

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