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Supporting women's independence in Rwanda

Helping support progress towards economic independence: teaching business, hygiene and English

Supporting women's independence in Rwanda
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Congrats! This project has reached its minimum needed of £1,000 and is going for its target of £3,600!

We are trying to raise £3,600 to take part in this fantastic brand new economic development project in partnership with Village Rwanda UK. The project will help women in Rwanda gain economic independence by teaching them business principles, along with teaching the importance of hygiene, basic first aid and English language skills!

We want to make a huge difference…but we need YOUR help.

Who are WE?

We are second year students from The University of Manchester - Nicole and Jade. We're studying Economics and Social Studies & International Business Management. We want to help make the world a better place, give something back to the international community, but we can't do it without YOU.

our story

The project is brand new, and will run for the very first time this year. The charity we are collaborating with is Village Rwanda UK, a small charity which is a 'trusted partner' of the University. The project will be invaluable and life changing for the people of Gasundwe, and provides a framework where our volunteering can have maximum impact.

Our project has 3 aims:

  • To teach business & financial principles such as basic book-keeping, budget planning and to identifying audience and customers.
  • Teach the importance of soap & hygiene to improve sanitation levels in the village.
  • Help to teach English to parents and older siblings in the village who have missed out on a full education.

"Making a difference is incredibly importance to us. We have the option to make the world a better place, make a difference in the international society. This is far beyond rewarding for us, it's liberating!" - Jade and Nicole

By making a gift, your money will help our project go ahead. You will help the Women's Savings Cooperative (a group of lively, enthusiastic women who already have ideas for a sewing project to make school uniforms) improve their incomes and gain the economic independence they deserve. Your donation will help bring our project to life, from a great idea to a brilliant plan of action. We are determined to make this project a huge success - but we can't do it without your help!

Where will the money go?

Here is a break-down of the costs which we need to cover (each) in order to run our project.


Whilst running our project, we will aim to give as many updates on our progress as possible - either via our Facebook pages or a blog. Internet in Rwanda will be limited, however over the 4 weeks we will aim to keep you as updated as we can!

We believe it is important for you to see where your money is going, and what an amazing difference it will make. We want you to be just as proud of your contribution to the project as we are!

See our rewards on the right hand side of the page - if you donate at these levels we promise to give you a more exclusive look at everything we're doing in Rwanda.

Find out more here

Find out more about the charity we are collaborating with:


WAYS YOU CAN Help us succeed...

  • Please share our project with anyone you think would support us! – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone or on your blog.
  • Please share it with everyone you know as we believe the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to meet our fundraising target!
  • ... you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did! Please sponsor us and help turn our project plans into a success story.