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Number of students that will benefit: 448

Age of students: 3-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 31%

my project

Prescot Primary School is a two-form entry school in the Liverpool borough of Knowsley. Knowsley is the second most deprived borough in the country, the most working class and the least ethnically diverse.

The majority of the pupils at Prescot are white British and speak English as a first language. This is well above the national average. The proportion of pupils that qualify for Pupil Premium funding is also above the national average.

In 2012, we launched our iPad 1:1 project in Year 3 as part of our strategy to address the lower attainment levels of some of those children for whom we received pupil premium funding. We believed that technology could positively impact children’s learning and wanted to close the digital divide between those children who had access to technology at home and those that did not. Since then we have grown our 1:1 project and have been designated as an 'Apple Distinguished School'. You can read more by downloading our newest iBook from the iBooks Store:

We have always wanted to provide new opportunities for all our children to develop those essential learning skills that will ensure they can succeed in a rapidly changing world.

What do we want?

We want to purchase some practical programming resources to support our coding curriculum, starting with a set of Spheros.

Who is this for?

This equipment would support learners across the whole school and would further develop the skills of the Digital Leaders. Spheros would also be great for the continuing professional development of teachers as there is a really supportive website to help us use them well:

Why do we want it?

As our KS2 children have 1:1 iPads, we can effectively teach the concepts of coding by using apps such as 'Scratch' and by exploring Apple's 'Swift Playgrounds'. However, we have not been able to provide our children with enough practical experiences and rely on equipment that we loan, or 'field trips' to our local Apple Store.

We want to strengthen our coding curriculum by providing our children across all age groups with the opportunities to see their work in action - live in their classroom, not just on a screen. One of our school's key principles is 'Oracy' and we have found that when children work collaboratively on practical projects, the quality of their interactions - their talk - improves. If we were to have some programmable devices, such as Spheros, permanently on site, we believe that it would have a significant impact on more than just computing skills. Real life engagement through critical thinking and collaboration would boost confidence and enthusiasm for the wider curriculum, especially in maths and science.

We are also very aware of our responsibility to promote coding and STEM subjects, especially with our girls. We do already have some eager, tech-savvy girls in post as Digital Leaders, but we need to reach out further to the rest of our girls, especially in the younger years. Having a set of Spheros will allow us to build a coding curriculum that will hopefully engage both boys and girls.

where would your money go?

We would like to buy:

Sphero SPRK + EDU 12 Pack @ £1,194.00 (K001EDU005)

(Quoted by MCC Ltd. Apple Solutions Experts)

Credit card fees @ 2%: £23.88

Grand total: £1,217.88

Stretch target

If we manage to raise more than this, we would love to buy:

Sphero SPRK + Power Pack (12 Pack) @ £1,794.00 (PP001ROW)

(Quoted by MCC Ltd. Apple Solutions Experts)

Credit card fees @ 2%: £35.88

grand Total: £1,829.88

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