PsyNAppS Inaugural Symposium

Exploring the impact of Psychology and Neuroscience research

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Passionate about the real world impact of psychology and neuroscience research? Interested in finding out how research can be applied to effect practical change? We are too!! 

Who are We?

Psychology and Neuroscience Applications Society (PsyNAppS) was founded by three doctoral students from Somerville, Linacre and Brasenose colleges, who are passionate about the applications of psychology and neuroscience research. 

We are committed to promoting and spreading awareness about the real-world impact of psychology and neuroscience research. We regularly host discussions between our members and speakers from a variety of fields, who are currently successfully straddling the line between academia and industry. 

Professor Charles Spence speaking at PsyNAppS Tuesdays: Our weekly meeting at the Department of Experimental Psychology


This June, PsyNAppS (pronounced synapse!!) will be hosting a mini-symposium at Merton College, Oxford! 

We have invited several prominent speakers from a wide variety of fields in psychology and neuroscience to discuss their work and ideas with us at this event, happening on the 11th of June from 4.30pm. 

Currently, the confirmed speakers and talk topics list is as below:

Dr. David Lewis: Founder of Mindlab on Neuromarketing

Dr. Adam Corner: Psychology of climate change communication

Dr. Rebecca Park: Neuroscience and treatment of eating disorders

Dr. Stelios Kiosses: Challenges of treating compulsive hoarding

Our speakers are leading thinkers and innovators in their respective fields and we are extremely excited to be hosting them!

Through this event, we hope to highlight the vast amount of ways psychology and neuroscience research can impact the real world. Further, we hope to invite representatives from key neuromarketing organisations to provide networking and potential career opportunities to our attendees. 

This event is free for all and that is why we need YOUR help to make it happen! We invite all donors to attend this symposium. Please register your attendance here

We will be providing constant updates about this event on social media. Look out for #psynappssymp! 


The applications of Psychology and Neuroscience research are broad. They extend far beyond the pages of academic journals into areas as diverse as health, education, and advertising. The American Psychological Society call it ‘Research in Action’.

Yet, many students in the field are unaware of the applications of Psychology and Neuroscience research and of how they can use their knowledge and skills in this area to play an active role in creating innovation and even novel job roles. Decisions to pursue further study or careers in the area are often clouded by misconceptions of the relevance of research and academia. Lacking clear direction and guidance, individuals often leave the field to seek work in the ‘real-world’, taking with them their valuable potential.

PsyNAppS is a society committed to addressing these pertinent issues. We aim to inform students, at all levels, of the plethora of options that neuropsychological research has to offer. We will endeavour to showcase Psychology and Neuroscience research as the dynamic and exciting field that it is; that it affords the opportunity to effect policy: that it needn’t be confined to the lab. Correspondingly, we will engage with individuals in related fields, such as education, business, and technology, for the purpose of forging interdisciplinary collaboration to explore innovation.

PsyNAppS' Inaugural Symposium will be an important step in achieving our mission.

Where will the money go?

As the event is free of charge so that everyone can attend, your money would contribute to help us cover the running costs of this symposium, such as venue hire, catering, and speakers' travels and cost!


We would personally thank everyone who is kind enough to donate! Please check out our rewards section for more detailed information!

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Your support is our success!

Your sponsorship would mean the world to us! As we are a very young society, every little helps! And it's not just money, we want to get PsyNAppS rolling off everyone's tongue, so please spread the word - on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, on your blog or in a chat! - about our society and about our upcoming symposium. In fact, share it with everyone! Again, everyone is welcome to our symposium, free of charge!