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Help us to develop the use of music technology in informal and ensemble based learning

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Completion Date: Wed 18 Jan 2017

The aim of our project is to raise £1438 to purchase 3 Ableton Push2's.  This  will enable us to move forward with music technology and use it in more creative ways, bringing together instrumentalists and studio based musicians in collaborative ensembles.  For many students, music technology involves sitting at a computer using software designed for a single user but through the use of Ableton's Push2, we plan to include our studio based musicians into our performance ensembles.  We also plan to use them with our KS3 students, looking at combining informal learning strategies and group based projects to inspire and motivate all students.

My Students

Morpeth School is a secondary school in Bethnal Green, East London and is:

  • committed to learning and achievement
  • based on friendship and respect
  • where everyone is valued

Morpeth is a co-educational school for pupils aged 11 to 18. In our most recent Ofsted inspection we achieved our second successive ‘Outstanding’ grading. All aspects of the school including ‘pupil achievement’, ‘behaviour’ and ‘quality of teaching’ were deemed ‘outstanding’. We believe our success is built upon the professionalism and commitment of all our staff – teaching and support - and a shared set of values. Approximately 72% of our pupils receive free school meals so providing students with opportunities with new experiences and raising aspirations plays an important role in our offer.

My Project

Push 2 is an instrument that has everything you need to make music in one place.  Running from Ableton Live, it becomes a live instrument with endless creative possibilities. Students with special physical needs will also be able to access ensemble and classroom work in a more engaging manor with the special key settings available on the Push 2.

Music at Morpeth plays an important role in creating community cohesion so the chance to include a wider range of musicians in our ensembles is an exciting opportunity and something that we have been hoping to do for a while, but due to costs haven't been able to do this to the standard we hope.

Earlier this year I attended a Musical Futures conference in Manchester and witnessed first hand a group of students using acoustic and electronic instruments (the Push2) in a live setting and then heard them talk about their experiences.  All students agreed that it was this unique format they brought them together and they were able to share their musical styles in a much more creative way, which has built stronger relationships between them all.

Where your donation goes

3x Push2 devices @£470 each (software will be included or purchased by the school) https://www.ableton.com/en/push/

Delivery charges: £0

Credit card fees (2%): £28.20 (to cover the fees charged by the payment provider)

Total cost:  £1438.20

Key Stats

% of students on pupil premium at our school : 72%

Number of students this will benefit:  480 (all pupils across KS3 including Year 7 and 8) and those that will be involved in our live ensembles.

Age of students: 11-13 years old