Volunteering in Durban

Psychology and Mental Health placement in Durban supporting operation Bobbi Bear.

Volunteering in Durban
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Summary of my project

In July 2019, I hope to be travelling to South Africa on a Psychology and mental health placement programme with Vocational Impact. I'm aiming to raise £950 to go towards the programme and the flights for the project. Vocational Impact provides psychology students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. I will be working with operation Bobbi Bear to support children's rights and children who have been victims of sexual abuse. Although, I need your support for this to happen and to allow me to actively make a difference.

I will be supporting Bobbi Bear Child Safety Officers throughout the abuse cases. This will involve visiting local police stations, hospitals and the High Court to assist with trauma recovery and support victims throughout this process. As well as this, I will be participating in lectures at rural schools to raise awareness about sensitives issues such as HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse and sexual education.

With your help, I could be a part of this incredible programme which will have such a positive influence on so many children's lives. By working with Operation Bobbi Bear I will be able to be closely involved with the rescued children and help to comfort them and counsel them throughout this difficult process. This experience will not only be beneficial to myself by gaining work experience, but also to the community in which I will work.

Who aM I?

I am a second year psychology student at the University of York who has been given this fantastic opportunity to help support the children in Durban, something which I am extremely passionate about. I have a kind hearted and caring nature, which I know I'll be able to show during this placement and help bring joy to the children's lives. One of the reasons this placement is so interesting to me is because of how it aligns with my future career aspirations. I have a keen interest in both clinical and forensic psychology so this placement will really help me enhance my experience within these fields. I believe it will be an excellent opportunity and experience which can set me aside from other candidates when apply for future jobs. I feel the chance to study abroad rather than in the UK is something that greatly appeals to me. Studying abroad will give me an insight into different cultures and ways of life that I could not fully appreciate from this country alone. It also provides a unique opportunity to see how psychology is implemented in other countries, to see both the similarities and how it differs. As I enjoy constantly growing my understanding I believe this is the perfect experience for me.

MY story

To be able to contribute to the treatment and care of children affected by abuse is an opportunity I would welcome greatly. However, without the generous support from your donations this may not be possible. The work conducted by Operation Bobbi Bear and Vocational Impact inspired me to try and help in anyway possible. I was especially drawn to this placement as the experience would not only be highly rewarding but also, influential in improving many children's lives. The legal side of the placement will expose me to valuable work experience in the area of forensic psychology, something which is extremely difficult to gain. Furthermore, by supporting and educating the children, I will also be able to improve and apply my knowledge of clinical psychology.

This experience is so important to me and I believe the cause is something we should all strive to support. Children deserve to grow up and live in loving environments, where they're supported and encouraged everyday. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In this environment victims of sexual abuse are often thrown into a criminal justice system, that's ill equipped to enable them to communicate about their ordeal, in a way that safeguards their well-being. The added trauma, of struggling to communicate with police officers who are not trained in working sensitively with abused children, means justice is often not done for the child. I feel strongly that we should work with these children and support them in anyway possible so that they can enjoy the care-free childhood they deserved.

I hope that this cause touches your heart as it did mine and inspires you to help in anyway you can. No matter the amount, any donation will go a long way to helping these children receive the care and support they require. 

Where will the money go?

I am hoping to raise £950 to go towards this project. The total placement cost is £1473 and the flights are around £950. After these costs I will need to pay for a visa and DBS check as well as, any money for spending whilst I am in South Africa. The placement fee covers my living costs and transport costs throughout the project. The rest of the cost will come from my personal funds, as I have been working extremely hard to save the money allowing me to be part of this experience. Your support will be so crucial in making it happen!


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Help ME succeed!

You don't need to give money to help me succeed! You can still help by sharing this project with anyone you think could help to support me- on Twitter, Facebook, email, telephone or any way possible! The more people who are aware, the more likely it is that this experience will be possible!

I hope you consider making a donation to this cause, making it possible for me to help the children to the absolute best of my ability. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and the way your donations could make such a massive difference.