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Completion Date: Wed 20 Feb 2013

READ International is a nationwide charity that works towards aleviating poverty through the power of education. Every year in the UK, tens of thousands of textbooks and children's fiction are thrown away because a more "up-to-date" edition of the book has been published, technically making the old copy useless to UK schools. READ International collects, sorts, packages and sends these books to schools in Tanzania, where their syllabus mirrors that of the UK very closely. If READ did not collect these books, they would end up in a landfill or clogging up school libraries, READ makes sure these books are put to good use and take them to where they are really needed.

Some school children in Tanzania share 1 textbook between 15-20 students, combine this to the thousands of unwanted textbooks that the UK throws away every year and you've got READ International, a charity that is dedicated to recylcing resources that are desperately needed elsewhere.


READ International Book Project:


- READ International started as a single book project at Nottingham University, but has grown and READ International now has book projects at over 22 different universities accross the UK.

- Every year hundreds of students from accross the UK travel to Tanzania along with the books that have been collected accross the year, to distribute the books, meet the children and to help out in the day-to-day activities and tasks of building/managing school libraries.

- READ International volunteers love books, they appreciate the power of one single book and how much it can change someone's life, if you have the same passion for books as we do, then please help us hit our target so we can send the books out to Tanzania!


Why We Need the Money:

- In order to ship the books out to Tanzania from our storage locker in Manchester, we need to raise £3,500. We decided to only request a small proportion of our target as we understand that £600 is still a lot of money. We have raised over £1000 through fundraising events but we are looking for your help to make sure we hit our target and that our books get sent out to Tanzania.

- Every penny of the money we raise is put towards shipping our books to the children in Tanzania.


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Everything we are able to do is based on the kindness of volunteers and donors such as yourself, so thank you and we hope you'll consider sponsoring this amazing cause!