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Exploring the trend of Redheads in classical artworks, in the form of a high-end fine-art magazine

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This project received pledges on Fri 10 Feb 2017

Ealain Red - a merging of classical art and fashion

I am very excited to be starting my Final Major Project for my final year of university. I shall be creating a high-end printed magazine that combines classical artwork and high-fashion editorial imagery in a rich and opulent bi-annual product. A number of artworks through various movements and eras shall be studied in order to determine whether or not there are any recurring trends in the women who have been chosen as muses by a variety of different artists.

A lot of muses, especially during the Pre-Raphaelite movement of art history, appear to have red hair as a common feature. A great number of heroines are depicted with flowing auburn locks: Venus, Aphrodite, Joan of Arc, Eve, Ophelia, The Lady of Shallott, Lady Godiva, and Guinevere are all frequently depicted as having red hair. This creates a solid basis for some in-depth research. Why is red hair so popular in historical artwork? Is there symbolism behind it? Is it still relevant today in terms of modern fashion photography?

Ealain is Scottish-gaelic for Art. The gene for red hair came to UK through Scotland when the Vikings invaded from Scandinavia.

Because of the direct focus on classical artwork, there ought to be an appropriate platform on which to display the work, suitable for an erudite audience. Somebody who reads Elle may not have the same appreciation for the symbolism and opulence that is portrayed in the artworks, and subsequently the fashion imagery produced for this FMP.

An expensive, printed book would be suitable due to the fact that book pages are generally thicker than magazine pages. However a book is slightly too niche, and it would not necessarily reach a wide enough audience. Therefore this project could be a single edition of a regular, biannual release. This in turn would create a hybrid between a high-quality book, and a magazine; a true collector’s item.
Hailing from a family of redheads myself, this is an interesting study into my own heritage, as well as the original story of the power and mythology of red hair throughout the ages in art, history, literature, religion, and culture.

Where will the money go?

Due to the nature of this project, the final piece could either look fantastic, or very amateurish. To avoid it becoming the latter, a great deal of funding needs to go into it. This will be spent on:

  • Professional Models
  • Travel
  • Locations
  • Designer clothing
  • Team members
  • Printing materials
  • Printing the magazine

As an example, the cost of travel for a single model from London to Southampton costs £45, and that's without their hourly fee! There shall be upwards of around ten shoots for this project and as a result it will get very very expensive...

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