Re-imagining Schubert

This project sheds new light on Schubert's music and identity by commissioning new works.

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Working with Composers on re-imagining Schubert

As part of a PhD research at the Royal Academy of Music, I'm working with some of today's leading composers on re-thinking Schubert's music and identity. This project includes discussions, interviews and also collaborations with eminent composers such as Brett Dean, Richard Barrett, Jörg Widmann, Michael Finnissy, as well as younger generation composers such as Freya Waley-Cohen and Morgan Hayes. I'm raising £10,000 which will enable me to commission new works, as well as putting up a special concert including the new Schubert inspired commissions.  

about me

I am a young Israeli concert pianist.  I completed my Masters and Advanced Diploma with Prof. Joanna MacGregor at the Royal Academy of Music, where I'm currently furthering my PhD. 

I've been fortunate that my work has already been internationally recognised following the release of my debut CD with Oehms Classics, described by the Sunday Times as "an intriguing, deeply intelligent and sensitive." The German magazine Pianonews said: "Yehuda Inbar proves to be a masterful Schubert interpreter. His sensitive touch paired with excellent agogic and phrasing awakens the piano to singing, which not only allows Schubert's music to shine in the most beautiful light, but at the same time draws in the listener to Inbar's playing within just a few notes.'' 

Selected as Kirckman Society Young Artist, I have performed in the Royal Festival Hall, St John's Smith Square, and St. Martins in the Fields, where I had my directing debut with the Brandenburg Sinfonia. I have also played in festivals such as the Beethoven Fest in Bonn, the Dartington Festival, the Aegean Arts Festival, the Israel Festival, the Piano Festival of the Royal Academy of Music, Tibor Varga Festival and others. 

Currently I am working on a long term project of performing the entire Schubert piano sonatas. An avid contemporary music player, I commissioned Michael Finnissy for a new completion of Schubert's Reliquie Sonata D840, which I premiered in May 2017 and recorded for my debut CD with Oehms Classics and released in May 2019.  

about the project

This project started from a rather naive discussion on Schubert with the British composer Michael Finnissy, which later developed into a collaboration following my request from him to complete Schubert’s unfinished and epic sonata Reliquie D840 in C Major. I premiered his Vervollständigung von Schuberts D840 in May 2017 at the Royal Academy of Music as part of my Advanced Diploma, and more recently recorded it for my debut CD with Oehms Classics, released in May 2019.

As I was tremendously inspired and fascinated by my discussions with Finnissy, as well as by the piece he wrote for me, I decided to develop this project into a broader research, engaging many eminent composers such as Brett Dean, Richard Barrett, Jörg Widmann, and others. All of these composers have a rich history of re-thinking the composers of the past and enfolding their music into their own composition. 

Through my encounters with these composers, which resulted in discussions, lessons, and some also in commissions and collaborations, I hope to shed new light on what we know and think about the essence of Schubert’s music, his way of writing, as well as his identity, which seems to be evolving in our era more than any other composer of the early 19th century. In other words: what more do we know about Schubert’s music and identity from listening and playing these new Schubert inspired pieces?

The practical aspect of this project, including newly commissioned pieces, opens new possibilities and ideas in programming Schubert’s music. Not only in programming his core piano repertoire, but also in programming some of his unfinished works in innovative ways.

I am expecting new pieces by Brett Dean, Richard Barrett, Freya Waley-Cohen, and Morgan Hayes which are depended on the outcome of the Royal Academy of Music's crowdfunding scheme.

Where will the money go?

The raised money will go to composers I am commissioning from: Brett Dean, Richard Barrett, Freya Waley Cohen, and Morgan Hayes.

Commissioning a work of eight minutes costs £3,000. Therefore I need at least £6,000 to commission two major works for this project. A bigger budget will allow to add tw shorter pieces, and if more funding is available, I'll invest it in putting a special concert to perform all these new commissions together. 


Rewards will include exclusive peeks into drafts of the commissioned works, thank you videos, unpublished videos with some of the composers involved, and signed copies of my CD for major donations.  

Images and video

You can hear a bit more about the project here.

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Help me succeed!

  • For this project to succeed I need your help - in spreading the word, sharing it with your family, friends, and  colleagues, in order to get to as many people as possible. This is a project of great artistic and historical value, and in order to make it happen I'm asking for your help in raising the funding to allow it to come to life.