Retriever Robotics Worlds Competition Funding

Let's get Retriever Robotics to Kentucky!

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Completion Date: Sat 27 Apr 2019

We plan on raising $4220 in order to register, travel to, and participate in this years Vex U World Championship held in Louisville, Kentucky.

We are a robotics club at UMBC, our primary focus is to teach robotics, of all different levels. We travel to and help out Middle and High schools with their robotics teams, and even demonstrate basic robotics skills to elementary school children. Additionally we aim to teach and improve various levels of robotics knowledge at UMBC. We have a Vex U team for a strong understanding of building and programming, and a Robosub team for an advanced programming challenge. Additionally once a year we host a Sumo Battle Bots competition in order to teach building skills and have some fun.

This funding will go primarily to the UMBC Vex U team in order to compete at an international level, and display our school to teams all around the world. This is a great opportunity to meet teams from different countries, such as China, New Zealand, Mexico, Korea, Lebanon, and many more. 

Last year at this competition we went to the Semi-finals in our division. This year (if luck and funding permits) we will aim to get to the finals, which will be an amazing accomplishment for our club and for UMBC.

How will your support help?  Funding will help to cover the following items:

  • $40 for parking 
  • $400 for gas to drive back and fourth to Kentucky.
  • $900 for 6 days food for 6 people
  • $975 that goes towards registration fees for world competition.
  • $1905 that goes towards housing 6 members for 5 nights.

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All contributions raised are administered by the UMBC Foundation for the benefit of UMBC.