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Revive the library of the University of Mosul

Help us to cover the cost of shipping books to the library of the University of Mosul

Revive the library of the University of Mosul
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This project received pledges on Sun 04 Feb 2018
2 years, 10 months ago

Dear supporters,

I am so glad to let you know that the books were packed on Wednesday the 28th of Feb. and shipped to Mosul on Friday the 2nd of March. This achievement wouldn't be possible without your financial and moral support which I am so grateful for.

So thank you so much for your generosity and nobility.

Special thanks go to the staff of the library of the University of Manchester who provided all the help we needed during the packing and loading, and to Kiera Gould who helped me in creating and administering this webpage.

Best wishes,


2 years, 11 months ago

Dear all,

I'd like to say thank you for all those who supported my campaign. I am so glad to tell you that the campaign has reached its target this morning. Special thanks to Helen Foster, the Librarian at Bolton Muslim Girls School, who organised a book fair at her school and was able to raise more than £340 which gave the campaign a huge boost.

I'd like to remind you that only 2 days are left to the end of the campaign, so if you know anyone who might be interested in supporting me, then please urge them to do so as soon as possible.

Best wishes.

Makram Alkhaled.

3 years ago

Dear all,

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has supported my project. I am so overwhelmed with your generosity.

I have some good news that I want to share with you. The first one is, the money that has been raised so far has exceeded the minimum target. This means that the project will take place even if it doesn't reach the £ 2000 target. However, I am quite sure that with your support, the project will achieve its target and even exceed it, which in turn will enable us to send a larger shipment of books or even buy some of the badly needed ones that some Academics at the University of Mosul asked for. The second is, I passed my PhD VIVA (exam) on Thursday the 21st of Dec. 2017 with minor corrections. Probably, this might not be interesting for some of you, but what I wanted you to know is that achieving such success wouldn't be possible without the availability and accessibility to research resources the University of Manchester provided me with throughout my PhD study. This includes but not limited to software, books, and manuscripts. And I want the students and researchers at the University of Mosul to have the same chance in getting access to books and manuscripts at least. This motivates me to work harder and put more effort on reviving the library.

I hope that you can help me in achieving my goal by supporting my project financially or simply by sharing it with your friends and colleagues.

I wish you a lovely festive season and a wonderful new year.

Makram Alkhaled.