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Promoting health and fitness in rural India

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RGU Go: India is raising £6600 to deliver nutrition and fitness orientated activities to a rural community in the area of Manipal, Karnataka State, in India.


We are a team of 14 students from different courses and our purpose is to combine our skills and talents to promote health and fitness in a rural community in South-Western India. We will work closely with an equivalent team of students from Manipal University. 


The British Council has chosen 2016 to be UK-India Research and Education year. The goal is to strengthen the links between India and the UK, especially for young people. We hope to create a strong bond between Robert Gordon University and Manipal University by taking action to help a rural community in the outskirts of Manipal. The goal is to have this pilot project repeated over the next years by taking our university to other countries in the world.  

Where will the money go? 

We are aiming to raise £6600 to spend on equipment and organisation of the nutrition and fitness related activities that we will implement in Manipal.

If we raise over our target - even better! The more funds we have the more we will be able to provide the rural community with. 

The activities themselves are still in the making, but among them we are planning to create "Sport Days" for families and people of every age to promote fitness and provide the community with a fun day! As well as this, we are planning to do cooking lessons where we would encourage the usage of healthier fats in foods and recipes. Another important target for us is to raise awareness on malnutrition-related issues that affect specifically the area of Manipal: 70.4% of children under 6 are anaemic, and so are 75% of women.We want to inform the community of the risks of such issues and provide them with guidance towards a more complete and healthier diet that would exploit the natural products that the land has to offer them.

We are working closely with Manipal University students to see what we can do and what equipment we would need. We will keep you updated with the progress!


We are very thankful for any donation you would like to give. For more than £5, we have a range of different rewards. 

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