Rickshaw Sports Project

Through our passion for sport we give a passion for life.

Rickshaw Sports Project
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Completion Date: Fri 16 Aug 2013

The Project

RSP is a student-run project in its inaugural year. This new initiative is bringing 6 Cambridge students to India and Nepal for 6 weeks in August and September. The students are bringing their love and talent for playing and teaching sports to disadvantaged children in Lucknow, Delhi and Kathmandu.

The team wants to empower young people in challenging situations. Such situations arise from life in slums and care homes with limited or no access to education, family and opportunities. RSP will build and improve young peoples' life-skills using sports' education as the base platform. Sport teaches team work and social inclusion but gives the team the ability to move beyond just sporting skills and focus on important values such as health sanitation and personal hygiene.

RSP have affiliated with a number of charities in India and Kathmandu to ensure the project is as effective and far-reaching as possible. RSP have the freedom to design their own programme to be implemnted alongside the excellent work already carried out by charities such as KHEL (Kids Holistic Education and Life-Skills) in Lucknow.

RSP's main aim, and why this project is so important, is the ability of the team to inject passion and enthusiam into the lives of young people who need it most. When this project is completed successfully at the end of September 2013 the team will have met and touched the lives of over 600 children.


Why we need funding

This project comes at a very high personal cost, to which all volunteers have committed to stoically. However, because of this the team have not been able to commit further funds to providing equipment for the children in the care homes, community centres and schools in India and Nepal within which they will work.

The children they will be teaching use whatever materials they can find to play sport, like a burst ball and ripped plastic for goal posts.

The dream is to raise funds that will cover the costs of basic sporting equipment, so the children can really feel the joy that team sports bring, a feeling often taken for granted in Western societies. The equipment RSP hope to bring includes bibs, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs and nets. Coloured cones and markers would be an added bonus. Should the upper end of the budget be met, RSP have the capacity to provide t-shirts for the children.

You have no idea just how much it will mean to every child to have a real football and an intact net with which together with friends they can play some great games! RSP is so excited to be able to provide this for the children they are reaching out to.

Money to be spent as follows, in this order of preference:

av cost for sporting equipment £300

av 50p per student for bib and t-shirt cost, total £300

av cost for internal travel to take team members from self-paid accomodation to teaching locations £100 p/w, total £600

A helping hand

If you are unable to aid us financially, then we would be sincerely grateful if you could share this page with anyone who you think might be interested in getting involved.

Find out more

We are affiliated with Cambridge University's Centre for Commonwealth Education. Here is a link to our pages on their website:


This is one of the charities we are working with: https://www.facebook.com/projectkhel

Coming soon is a link to our blog with images and information of the project preparations and further fundraising events.




This project is very close to the heart of the team who are going. They have worked very hard to put together the money to help get them to India and Nepal and appreciate every penny that you donate towards making their dream a success.