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Our Goal for 2019-2020!

We're raising $4,600 to take UMBC students to the VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, April 22-25. We need your support to get us there! 

What is Retriever Robotics?

Retriever Robotics is a robotics club at UMBC and our primary focus is teaching robotics! We teach students of various disciplines about robotics and travel to elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the area to teach!

Our club has three main teams:

  1. A Vex U team that focuses on a strong understanding of building and programming,
  2. a Robosub team that focuses on advanced programming, and
  3. an annual Sumo Battle Bots team in order to teach building skills and have fun!

In addition to bringing our Vex U team to the World competition, we want to create a robotic dog mascot to display at Worlds! This will be a life-sized realistically moving dog capable of voice commands, reacting to objects in front of it, and eventually playing fetch. With your support, we can make this happen! 

Why Worlds?

The Vex U Worlds competition is the perfect opportunity to showcase Retriever Robotics! It is the highest level of college robotics competition and Vex U will allow us to express what we've learned at UMBC to the entire world! In addition, Vex U will allow us to: 

  • meet teams from different countries, such as China, New Zealand, Mexico, Korea, Lebanon, and many other countries!
  • There are thousands of high-school competitors who will have a great opportunity to learn about UMBC
  • There is the chance to win awards for sportsmanship, new and innovative designs, and thoughtful ideas! 

Last year we made it to quarter-finals, this year we would love to make it to finals, and perhaps win the entire competition. 

Where will the money go?

Most of the funds raised will go towards transportation, housing, registration, and food expenses which we estimate to be $4,000. The remaining $600 will go towards making sure Robodog comes to life and is able to bark us on at Vex U!  

Help Us Succeed!

Share this page with your networks and encourage others to support Retriever Robotics! Your support is greatly appreciated! Stay up to date with our progress by following us on social media! 

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All contributions raised are administered by the UMBC Foundation for the benefit of UMBC.