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Football4Peace - Gambia 2019 - Tom Rutter

Using Sport to Teach 'Bespoke Core Values' in Disadvantaged Communities

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This project received pledges on Tue 10 Dec 2019


I'm raising £1000 to travel to The Gambia with the University of Brighton through the Football 4 Peace programme. Myself and eleven other students will be coaching disadvantaged children overseas using the F4P values, which include equity, inclusion, respect, trust and responsibility. Football 4 Peace (F4P) is a multi-dimensional research, education and social engagement platform that utilises sport to teach 'values based' learning in areas suffering from high levels of cross-community conflict and various forms of political disorder and social disintegration. F4P aims at delivering two main areas of impact through their work: coaching methodology and behavioural change in participants (both coaches and children).

The story

My name is Tom Rutter and I am studying BA(Hons) Physical Education with QTS at the University of Brighton. My goal is to become a teacher of Physical Education with an emphasis/rationale on equity and inclusion for all pupils. The Football4Peace project will allow me to make a positive impact towards others in areas of conflict and disorder, focusing on these values. In addition to this, I shall be gaining such valuable experiences that will support my teaching development.

Working within a team of enthusiastic coaches, I hope to make a significant difference to young people both nationally and internationally. I am in a position where I want to be involved in as many opportunities as I can, whether it be practical teaching, coaching or fundraising. 

Volunteering with F4P will provide me with various insights into coaching both individually and as a team, and will ultimately increase my overall confidence within teaching and effective communication. 

As a group of coaches, we have held various activity days and festivals with local schools coaching the F4P methodology. Having done this on a regional/national scale, we are now taking this internationally to The Gambia.

F4P operates in Israel, Africa, Columbia, Korea, Germany, England and Northern Ireland.

Where will the money go?

The sum of money that I hope to raise will cover the travel to and from The Gambia, the accommodation and the equipment to carry out the project. Ultimately, the sum will go towards impacting the lives of children who can have an overall better quality of life through the utilisation of the Football4Peace program. The more that is raised, the more equipment we can bring. Not only will this be physical equipment such as football and rugby balls, but it will also be us as trained coaches coaching the people of The Gambia our values based methadology which they can then continue to teach within their communities even after we leave.

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