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Hi, my name is Samantha Jean Scuffham. I am 29 years of age and I have been offered a place to study MSc in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, starting 28 September 2015, however, the lack of funding available for me may prevent me from taking my place on the course.


I come from a poor council house, single parent family, but despite all that, I am extremely proud of my achievements to date. I did not do A levels at school, instead I did a National Diploma in performing arts at Lincoln college and then moved to London where I spent 5 years supporting myself by working in pubs and making music.


When I was 23 I was accepted to study a foundation course at the British Academy Of New Music and it was here that I learnt that I had Dyslexia but I was fortunate to be given a computer and reading software, which really helped me. I passed with a distinction and subsequently was accepted onto the final year of a degree course at Westminster where I got a BA Hon in Commercial Music. Whilst studying I took advantage of the only time I would be financially able to do internships. My student loan and part time work in bars made this a possibility.


After I finished University, I had to leave my accommodation quickly with no job or money to afford new accommodation. I relied on friends to let me share their sofas until I could find regular work and new accommodation. During this time I found that there was very little support in the way of helping young homeless people into housing, and trying to find a job in the music industry even with a relevant degree and intern experience just didn’t seem to be good enough. I found out about a documentary that the BBC were planning to make called ‘Britain’s hidden homeless’ which was aiming to highlight the issues that the ever-growing number of homeless young people (not counted as homeless because they are not living on the streets) in England are facing. I felt very passionate about this topic and got very involved, as I had encountered many problems myself. I was initially unable to sign on or see a doctor because I did not have an address. I felt extremely sorry and frustrated for those who were and are less fortunate than me. I am blessed to have such good friends. I saw a good opportunity to use this situation with the BBC to my advantage (it was easier to get appointments with people when the BBC was mentioned) and finally after I had joined an agency and had a few interviews, I managed to bag myself a job at EMI Publishing. Unfortunately, not long after I joined, EMI publishing ran into difficulty and was sold to SonyATV. When the two companies merged the old adage last in first out applied. I cannot say too much about my departure of the company as I was legally silenced, but it certainly made me loose my faith in the corporate giants of the music industry.


After leaving EMI I started stepped up my game running events with a platform I developed at university called The Secret Showcase Presents. It takes a while in life to really find out what one wants to do, and even though I love my music, DJ-ing, Promoting and performing. I realise my future does not rely entirely in that direction. I want to help make a difference in the world. I have always been interested conservation, ecosystems and nature in general and had researched the degree course. However to be sure before committing myself, I decided to do on the spot research in South America, namely the Amazon and Atlantic forest. I am very good with money and I knew it would be cheap – but not as chips. I like many before me, and I am sure in the future, under budgeted, and I was about to run out of funds. I had not finished what I had set out to do and I suppose I could have used the sympathy card to fund me. I decided to do what I always do and get a job. I started teaching English as a foreign language and this had two results; a, I finished what I set out to do and b, I can converse very well in Portuguese.


So where am I at? Well as you know, I have been accepted by Leicester University. I have sufficient funds to cover all living and rental expenses, however I have a shortfall of £5470 to cover the fees. I have done the round of the banks and they all say the same, if you had a job – no problem; Even with the promise of a guarantor to cover the amount. It does make you think after the problems with PPI!


I do not want anybody to give me money; I want to and will pay it back. I have never considered myself a charity case, we all have to pay our way. There are many people in the same predicament as I and there is only so much in the pot so to speak. I think by paying the money back my pride is satisfied, but more importantly, somebody else in my position could take advantage of such generosity. Just think, for an investment of £5400 over ten years (providing fees don’t drastically increase) 10 people could come away with an MA on an initial investment of £5400. That is known as mega recycling.





The MSc in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources is a multidisciplinary masters course that consists of both taught and research study. “It responds to one of the greatest challenges humanity is facing today: the sustainable management of our planet's natural resources and environment, to provide sustainable livelihoods for all people into the twenty-first century and beyond.” A full description of the course details can be found here:


I would like study an MSc in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources at the University of Leicester University because I feel it will benefit me the most in my goal to work in the field of biodiversity management and conservation.


I have spent 10 months travelling in Brazil exploring the natural beauty of the Atlantic and Amazon rainforests and seeing for myself the risks that face these outstanding landscapes and delicate Eco systems. This trip also ignited a deeper interest in the geopolitical issues and the struggles everyday people face trying to survive and thrive in these environments. Through travel, I was able to understand and take an interest in how the local is affected by the global and the dynamic between corporate enterprise and community survival.


I am particularly interested in water systems and the role fresh water and access to drinking water alongside effective sanitation can have on maintaining communities and creating sustainable futures for ordinary people.


This course will help me to develop a deeper understanding of these processes and offer me a chance to test out ideas in a practical and ultimately useful way. From this course, I hope to gain a deep understanding of the modules on offer so in the future I can help make a difference in the world.

I will endeavour to gain a greater knowledge in order to work for government/charity organisations as well as independent organisations and communities who wish to build commercial or self-sufficient eco communities with as little impact on natural resources as possible. I am interested in the idea of working with existing communities, teaching them how to reduce or even make up for their carbon footprint and live a green and sanitary life. I believe education is very important in order for people to have the right approach to tackling some of the world’s biggest problems that we all face including things like deforestation, exhausting natural resources, clean water, sanitation and global warming.


Although my undergraduate degree is not geography based, the research I carried out in order to complete it is invaluable and some of it very relevant. I understand communities’ within the commercial world and with the need for more sustainable development this could result in some interesting projects.


I want to affect change and aim to apply my learning to practical initiatives working to improve situations as effectively as possible. For me academic study will be the foundation upon which to build a career in biodiversity management and hopefully, affect real change at a grass roots level. I would ultimately like to go back to Brazil better informed and more able to make a difference in these important areas of conservation.



All money raised here will go directly to the university to pay for my tuition fees. When I finish my course and start work I will start to return all the pledge money.


Tuition Fees: £5,470


I am required to prove that I have the funds to pay for my entire year of study upon enrolment. Therefore, if I am unable to raise the minimum amount by the date specified I will have to forfeit my place at the university and your pledges will be returned.



If my project is successful, you will receive individual rewards for each pledge made but of course my biggest and most important reward/promise to you is that your money will be returned once I start earning. Please do not forget give me your details so I can return the money.



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