Cambridge Half Marathon

Raising money to help people with dementia through music therapy

Cambridge Half Marathon
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This project received pledges on Thu 12 Mar 2020

Well I seem to have signed up to run (in the loosest sense of the word) a half marathon for the first time! Im raising money for ARUs Cambridge Institute for Mental Therapy Research  to support their Homeside Project that aims to decrease the behavioural and psychological symptoms for sufferers of dementia through training caregivers to conduct music or reading activities. Dementia is the leading cause of death in the UK, yet research into treatment and therapy is still relatively low. Ive seen first hand the absolutely devastating effect dementia has on the sufferer and those round them. The Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research conducts world-leading studies into the impact music and drama therapy can have for dementia patients, stroke patients, people with autism and people with mental health issues.

To be honest Im completely out of my comfort zone - a 10km run is the most I've ever done before now. But Im sure if my fitness fails me, my bloody mindedness will get me round.  Any support or sponsorship you can offer is hugely appreciated... by me and CIMTR and will help motivate me during these last couple of weeks of training. 

Thank you for your support!