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Third Year Filmmaking Graduation Film

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This project received pledges on Fri 15 Mar 2019

OUr FIlm

Sanctum - a film about organised crime, organised religion, and how the two parallel one another. Following four criminals through a non-linear story and their daily lives, ranging from the nefarious activities conducted in shady warehouses, to their everyday routine of going to church and relaxing in cafés.

Who are we?

The crew consists of ten 3rd year Kingston University film-making students.

Kain Behan - Director

We can't stress enough the unique visual style that Kain brings to the film. Kain found his love for photography, particularly band photography, early on and has translated that talent to the medium of film. He is a no-nonsense director with a clear vision and has created some stunning pieces over the course of our degree.

Josh Hyatt - Writer

Josh has devoted most of his time on the course to writing and creating visually striking pieces. Having come a long way since the beginning of the course, he has found his niche in writing surreal, dark and highly stylised films. Sanctum exemplifies this.

Chu Kok Ling - Director of Photography

Known to most of us as Joy, she brings an broad range of talents to the film. Joy is highly tech savvy and has an innate sense of composition and style within the frame. We're excited to see her ideas and art spring to life on screen.

Matt Stevenson - Assistant Camera/Gaffer 

Matt is a hard-working film student, with a work ethic unlike any other. He divides his time between making films at university and working hard over at Lipsync Production Company. He is a tried and true cinematographer with a love for cameras and photography and certainly knows his way around an assistant camera role.

Joseph Brennan - Producer/Editor 

Joseph has focused his time at Kingston University solely to editing and has a great passion for it. He has worked on many visual pieces covering a range of styles and is excited to bring his editing prowess to Sanctum. He has a huge drive to make this the stand out project of every team members' degree.

Ellie Skelton - Art Director

Ellie has established herself on the course as a very talented and energetic art director. We've worked together many times and found her to be efficient and highly creative and she is always our first choice for art direction. With this being a highly stylised film with lots of props and costumes, she is very much in her element.

Olivia Ross - Asst. Art Director

We're delighted to have Liv working with us; she is hard-working and brings a lot of creativity to the table. She loves to be involved at all levels, however we are pleased she is working in art department as she has proved herself highly competent with the creation of sets and props.

Daniel Duddy - Sound Design

Dan is devoted to his work in film, always listening and taking in ideas from the rest of the crew. His dry sense of humour makes him a joy to work with, and his competency in soundscapes and mixing makes him ideal for the role of sound designer.

Sebastião Varela - Sound Recordist

Seb is a highly talented and visual director, however for us he is lending his huge pool of talent to sound recording. His talent and focus will ensure the sound will be crisp and perfect.

Daniel Davis - Production Assistant 

Dan has very much proved himself a hard-working and valuable production assistant. He helps manage the huge workload and expertly divides tasks among the crew, and is helping us stay on track in all areas. He contributes both creatively and logistically.

Concept behind the film

Over the last three years we've been learning how to make all different types of film, with all sorts of variety in genre and style led by both our tutors and ourselves. With our graduation film we are showcasing the entire range of skills we've been developing and all the techniques we've learnt. We want to make the best film we can possibly make. With this in mind, we came up with the idea and eventually script of Sanctum.

  • We are making this film because it compliments all of the crews strongest roles and techniques
  • It is important to us that this film is made as for some of us it is potentially the last film we will ever make.
  • Currently there is a real lack of funding for young up-and-coming filmmakers. Your support can really contribute to the success of young and fresh minds into the film industry, and keep it independent and creatively free. Many of us in the crew have already made sizeable donations to keep the film moving forward, and truly believe in our work.

Where will the donations go?

  • If we can reach even our minimum of £500 we will be able to pay our actors for 4 out of the 7 days scheduled.
  • If we can reach our maximum target of £1500, we will be able to hire our chosen 1967 Mercedes Benz for a number of the scenes. We will be able to pay the actors for the full 7 days of shooting, plus all their expenses. We will have the best costumes and makeup for our actors, and be able to use better materials for building sets in the studio.
  • If we surpass our target, then the remaining money will be spent on the purchasing of 16mm film roll for our film to be shot on, and for it to be processed and sent back to us.
  • Our progress will be updated fortnightly.

Break down of costs:

  • Actors and their expenses: £750
  • Equipment and vehicle hire: £300
  • Travel for crew: £100
  • Art Department: £300
  • Film Processing: £50


  • Rewards will include: a credit on the film, a free ticket to the graduation film viewing and a free copy of the film.


Please take a look at a brief compilation of our crew's previous work.

Find us here

Please visit our facebook page to follow the projects progress. All updates will be on here so follow to keep up to date.