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An exploration of fringe eroticism and transgression

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Completion Date: Sun 22 Dec 2019

A short summary

We aim to fund an experimental short film that is a sensory exploration of transgressive sexuality. We will be combining alluring and textural visuals with an immersive soundscape and voiceover. Our approach is that of a reflective essay film, pondering on the philosophy of matter and abjection. 

Some of the themes touched upon will be the juxtaposition of bodily function with our relation to nature (and its cycles), abasement, excretion, and cathartic release.

Who we are?

Eugene Caines - Writer & Director

Lucas Rielly- Art Director

Patricia Craciun- Producer & Editor

Michael Muwonge - Director of Photography

Brandon Dalby - Assistant Cameraman

Daniel Breuer - Sound Designer & Composer

our story

We aim to examine how some people traverse, rearrange, exceed and decrease the rigid limits that culture allows us to exist within our bodies. While desire and love are amongst mainstream cinema’s most recurrent themes, the depiction of their physical expression on screen tends to be, in formal terms as well as in content, highly formulaic.

We believe that a re-examination of traditional aesthetics can offer valuable insights into how the constellations of sexuality, desire and the flesh are thought of. By treating the body as a semantic surface rather than a sensual object we hope to challenge the aesthetic attitude of disinterestedness and to pursue directions of thought unimpeded by ethical constraints. If film in some ways expresses our relation to the world and to others, it is nowhere more tangible than in the evocation of physical love – the most intimate and unpredictable of encounter with the other.

In a shift in emphasis away from the tendency in our era of hardcore internet sex, where it is still the female body and the female psyche that is commodified and subjected to mostly debasing treatment, our film will be a reification of a gendered fantasy determined by male homosexual desire. Through formal experimentation with camera work, lighting, framing and composition we aim to explore uncharted territories of corporeality and the moving image.

Where will the money go?

  • Models and voice actors: £150
  • Props and costume design: £100
  • Travel: £150
  • Location hire: £150
  • Miscellaneous costs (for example catering, safety precautions etc): £100
  • All funding exceeding our target will go towards festival submission fees


To reward your support you will receive artistic merchandise related to the film (photographs, posters etc).

Help us succeed!

We think this film has great potential and we would be highly appreciative of the support in realising our vision.

You don't need to give money to help us succeed. Please share this project with anyone you think would be excited by the idea and would support us.

Thank you ::)