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Fine Art: Sculpture - Degree Show!

Help Sixteen Third Year Fine Art Students Put on a Fantastic Final Show!

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This project received pledges on Sun 05 Apr 2020

A summary of our project

We are a group of 16 Art students currently working towards our final year degree show at the University of Brighton. We are crowdfunding to help us create the best possible exhibition to showcase our work. This exhibition will be the culmination of our three years at university and we hope to go out with a bang! 

the students

Rachel Atkinson. Jodie Whitchurch. Emma Hof Kenntoft. Mya Vella-Hall. Leonie Cameron. Angus MacLeod. Georgina Ball. Phoebe Palmer. Ekam Hundal. Jessica Wright. Emily Diamond. Georgina Kemsley. Eamon Broderick. Maddie Connolly. Milo Van Den Bogaerde. Calm Pierce.  

our story

We are a group of students all working with contemporary sculpture. We have all loved our time on our 'Fine Art: Sculpture' degree and we are really looking forward to making exciting work for our final exhibition together. Our work explores themes of: The Uncanny, The Domestic, The Abject Body, The Illusion, The Environment, Rituals, Witchcraft, Materiality, Colour,  Emotions, Mental Health, Harmonica Playing, Theatrics, Feminism, Activism, and Utopia's. In sculpture, we have created a working community, our whole course will work together to put on a fantastic show for everyone! Any donation, no matter how small, will have a big impact on our exhibition and we will keep all of our supporters updated on how the big build is going!

Where will your donations go?

With all the money donated we will use it to make the Exhibition the best it can be!

  • We will use our minimum of £550 on catalogues for our show which will be free to take for all visitors of the Degree Show! Our catalogues showcase the work of the 16 Artists in the exhibition alongside small bio's on their artistic practice.
  • The remaining £250 will go towards treating all of our first and second year helpers to lunch everyday on the three week degree show build. As well as a special Pizza Day Celebration for all their hard work helping us to set up our exhibition! Our helpers are integral to our exhibition and we could not make the show without their help and it is important to show them our love and gratitude!
  • Anything we raise above our £800 target will be split among the artists to help us pay for our materials! These can be really expensive and so any extra donations over our maximum would be greatly appreciated!

We will keep you all updated on our Instagram, as well as on springboard, as to how our big build is going. So, keep your eye out for updates!


We have some fab rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Check them out on the right!

Find us here

You can find updates on all of our work and show, on our Instagram! It is a great place to explore our artwork!

Help us succeed!

By contributing to this project, no matter how small the donation, you would be supporting us as young artists. So, thank you! This exhibition will celebrate all the hard work, time, and patience we've put into developing our artistic practice thus far. And be a great starting point to for our futures as artists and creators, outside of education. All the money donated will help to make our exhibition as fantastic and professional as it can be. 

But you don't just need to give money to help us succeed! Please take the time to share this with anyone who might support our project! - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a passing comment to your neighbour! Any way you can spread our project will give it a better chance of success. 

We understand that many people may not be able to donate money but sharing is a great way to help us! And if you can donate, even £1, that will make a huge difference to our exhibition. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project!

Here's a sneak peak at some of our work!