NASA's RMC: Lunabotics 2020

Help us bring the College of Engineering to a NASA Competition!

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This project received pledges on Fri 20 Dec 2019
2 years, 5 months ago

An hour and a half to go in our campaign! Thank you to all who have donated and helped spread the word. Below is a link to an update from our president:

2 years, 5 months ago

4 days left in our Rabbit Raisers campaign. We are still $800 from our minimum goal of $2500. Every donation helps regardless of the size. Please consider helping send SDSU to the moon!

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Nuts and Bolts: Small but very important pieces in the grand scheme of things! Your donation helps us fit everything together!

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3D Printer Filament: A big part of our robot is going to be 3D printed after being designed by our team! Help us print and test our parts in house!

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Wheel: Having two robots means we’re going to need 8 wheels, not counting any replacements we may need. Push our robot to success by allowing us to move around!

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Motors: The movement behind every part is due to motors and donors like you! Your donation allows a wheel, a belt, a sensor, or an arm move as it’s supposed to!

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Linear Actuator: Linear actuators are going to be used by multiple teams to expand the parts we need past our starting limits. Your donation allows us to expand to new challenges as we learn and grow!

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Battery: Like the powerhouse of the robot, you are the powerhouse behind the team! Your donation helps us get power to the robot. Without it, all our hard work is for naught.

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Sensor: Sensors tell our robot where it’s located, where the obstacles are, and what direction it’s facing. Tell our team that we’re heading in the direction of success!

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Computer: The brains behind the operation! Each robot will have its own computer to process information and make decisions. Help us build some smart robots!

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