War Against Teenage Pregnancy in Senya Braku, Ghana

War Against Teenage Pregnancy in Senya Braku, Ghana

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Completion Date: Tue 21 Aug 2018

A short summary of your project

I am raising £16000 as aminimum and £22,600 as maximum to develop this very important adolescent health project or SRH clinic to be led by an NGO in one of the poorest fishing communities in Ghana. This community faces major Public Health concerns of high teenage pregnancy rate, child trafficking and labour. As a result, most young girls become pregnant and school dropouts. Subsequently they are denied access to good quality education and good health. The money raised will be used to develop free and accessible youth Sexual Health and contraceptive services to the youths. The ultimate aim is to reduce teenage pregnancy and improve school enrolment of the adolescent girls. The money raised will be used to acquire a facility for the clinic, pay staff running the clinic and also use part of the money to cover the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) incentive and conduct research to evaluate the project.

CCT is a form of a monetary incentive estimated to be $10 each to participants recruited into the study group conditional on successful school attendance of 90% and having a validated negative pregnancy test.The CCT strategy will be evaluated as part of resarch project, a clinical trial assessing its effectiveness in improving school enrolment and reducing teenage pregnancies and school dropouts within the fishing community. The project will last for one year. If successful, it is expected to be scaled up to other similar communities, at the district, regional and national level.

Who are you?

This unique project will be a joint project between myself and an NGO which has been working a lot on educating these communities on the dangers and preventive strategies of chiild trafficking and child labour as well as teenage pregnancies. My background is in Sexual and Reproductive Health and I have also completed my Masters in Public Health in City, University of London.I have worked as a senior pratitioner and I have understood how the sexual health and contraceptive services are designed and run. My intention is to help staff in Ghana to also consider developing such free and accessible clinics that will benefit the poor and vulnerable who cannot afford these services at the expense of their poor health and lack of education.

Your story

I sincerely believe in social justice and I always feel that the rich should help the poor when they can. When you see a young girl who has started parenthood at the age of 10 without any quality education, you can imagine the long term health effects for the young parent herself and her poor child. Most of them go to the seashore to plight their trade as fishmongers at that tender age instead of having the opportunity to also have good, quality education. Because of poverty, these young ones are denied access to good quality education. They also fall vistim to older men because of lack of bargaining power and empowerment in exercising their sexual and reproductive rights. The older men use money to lure the poor and to pressurise them to give in to their selfish demands. Empowering these young ones through this novel SRH youth clinics and increased school attendance is the way forward in tackling these huge challenges at hand. The success of this project also means that lessons can be learnt by other organisations about how to design such clinics to helping other youths who may be in similar situations elsewhere in the country.  Policymakers and future researchers will also draw on this project to make informed decisions on similar projects in the furture.Money given by sponsors will be used in acquiring the facility, setting up and running the weekly clinic, paying the staff and also paying the financial incetives to each eligible participant during the one year project.

Where will the money go?

Research will also be conducted  a year after to evaluate the whole project and a lot of money will go into that as well.This is because we feel that since we are using money as part of incentive to attract the young girls to go to schools, there is certainly the need to evaluate its effectiveness or impact to estimate cost effectiveness  and sustainability of such investment. It will be very interesting to know whether our intervention is going to turn things around positively whereby issues such as child labour. traficking and teenage pregnanacy are going to be reduced drastically. CCT has been proven to be effective in reducing poverty, improving health and educational statuses of the vulnerable people according to the World Bank Reporrt.It is hoped that this intervention will lead to massive transformation of the lives of the adolescents particularly the young girls within the Senya fishing community.

The money raised will be used to acquire a place for the clinic, pay staff, cover contraceptive costs and also pay the monthly 10USD to each participant conditional of attaining 90% attendance rate and having negative pregnancy test results.

If I hit the maximum, these will be how the money will be spent.

Venue hire (one year) £2000

Staff x 3 (once weekly for one year £300x 12) £3600

Travel Expenses(Car/Van hire and fuel -one year) £2000

Production costs (one year) £2000

Printing and other staionary costs (one year) 1000

CCT payment (Sample size estimate, 2000 ) Half=1000 @ £10 a month= £12,000

Total expected £22,600

If I hit minimum, these are how the money will be spent

CCT payment (Sample size estimate, 2000 ) Half=1000 @ £10 a month= £12,000

Venue hire (one year) £1600

Staff x 2 (one year) £2400

Total expected= £16000


I am doing this project with an NGO and also we would be publishing an academic paper on it as part of possible PhD project. So all those who have donated towards this good course will be acknowledged specifically  and presented with a certificate of recognition on humanitarian grounds. These people will cement their names in the hsitory book of Ghana. The success of this project will be a huge milestone in the annals of the country and all those who contribute towards this novel project will forever be remembered.