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Completion Date: Sat 02 Sep 2017

Serenity House

What is serenity House?

Serenity house is a place where we help people to get quality sleep using scientific proven method and facilities for individuals with sleep problems. We combine expert therapy and equipment to induce sleeping and stay asleep for more hours. At the end of the therapy, individuals will improvement of their sleeping condition. This will enhance the general well-being of the person, work performance and productivity as well as quality relationship at home.

How Does it work?

The individual suffering from the sleeping disorder visits GP or Doctor, who will refer the person to our facility. The Therapist will hold discussion with the person to identify his sleeping pattern and then plan on what kind of therapy he or she will need. Example, meditation or inducing sleeping for a recommended time. With the help of sleeping data of Fitbit monitoring watch, the person can know the number of hours and the quality he or she has slept. At the end of the therapy, the individual will see dramatic change of their life.

Who will benefit from this product?

People who are suffering from great pressure from work or study. People who work at night for many hours. People who browsing at their phone a lot without any physical exercise would result in insomnia. The potential customers are huge, they can't find the solution by themselves, sleeping pills have side effects and only work on a short period. That's why they will come to us.

How can one get the service?

You can be referred by your GP or Doctor from any NHS outlets or you can walk in to the facility to register for the service. Alternatively, you can also make an appointment online on our website.


How different is your facility from rehabilitation centers in UK?

Answer : Rehabilitation centers is more like hospital facility where service is on a mass scales. People reluctant to admit they have illness. Our facility is like a gym but focus on psychological exercise by a mentor. In addition, it is also organic method involving meditation and inducing of the sleep without any medication. The service is also tailored to the specific needs of the individual for example, one who needs more hours of quality sleep for eight hours.

How much does it cost for the service?

Answer : It depends on the service you will need and the length of time it will take for the therapy. There are three types of membership, Platinum, Golden, and Silver.

Platinum membership , 60 times access to all devices and equipment with complementary Fitbit smartwatch, unlimited consultancy with our professional therapist. Suitable for customers who are seeking a flexible schedule and severe degree of sleeping problem.

Golden membership , 30 times access to all devices with complementary Fitbit with 10 times consultancy with our professional therapist. Suitable for people who are seeking flexible schedule and medium degree of sleeping problem

Silver membership , one week access to all devices, 5 times and consultancy service with professional therapist. Suitable for people who experiencing temporarily sleeping disorder, wanting to fix the problem immediately.

Additional service , ones-off payment. Customer can buy or rent CPAP machine and buy masks and Fitbit devices, Suitable for people want to change their sleep at home, or just looking for advices

What kinds of equipment in your facility ?

Our primary equipment is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy (CPAP). Fitbit watch, a laptop to monitor Fitbit data, smart pillow, LED relaxing projector, a customized bed.

Can your service be covered by National Health Scheme or private insurance?

Answer : Once you are referred by your GP or Doctor, it will be covered by your insurance or National Health Insurance, just like other therapies that fall within the insurance policy you have.

What if I do not want to use the National Health Scheme?

Answer : You can pay by installment or pay upfront, depending on your credit history or your circumstances.

Does it mean your facility will be the place one will sleep for the entire duration of the therapy?

Answer : Not necessarily so. It will depend on how severe your condition. It will not be an impatient service unless it is the ultimate way to get the best treatment.

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