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Completion Date: Thu 16 Jul 2015

Hello, my name is Sohaib Khan and I am a First Class Economics and Finance graduate from Keele University and an aspiring worker in the financial industries. Earlier this year, I made a successful application to The London School of Economics for Msc Accounting and Finance. This course further explores the financial and investment studies as well as regulation in the accounting world to give me more practical knowledge of the industry. I applied for various scholarships and grants from both the government as well as LSE however i was unsuccessful for any of those. The funding for masters student is extremely limited. I have managed to save about £20,000 from work and through the help of family and friends however I am still £20,000 of the estimated target. Here is a break-down of costs (click the figures to see where they come from):

  • Tuition fees - £23,976 

  • Living expenses - £14,440

  • PayPal fees (3.5%, applied to successful projects) - £770 

I have to confirm my attendance by late July so the minimum I would need is at least £10,000 providing I am approved for the Career Development Loan and if I am rejected for that I will need £20,000 roughly.

ABout ME

I am a 23 year old recent graduate from Stoke-on-Trent. I have a passion for reading especially fiction work as well as keeping up to date with all the latest news in the grand economy of the world as I am extremely interested how little actions can have price effects and demand/supply effects all over the world. I have a passion for travelling and experiencing different cultures and I plan to travel after finishing my studies.

Your story

I come from a humble background attending a state-funded school and college. I have always had a passion for learning and education and the financial sides of things have always interested me from a very young age. I have always dreamed of attending the prestigious London School of Economics as it is in the forefront of financial research in the world. 

Why I need your HElp

After graduation I was under the illusion that with being a first class graduate I will be accepted into any top firm due to my grades however reality is that the competition is extremely fierce and after applying for more then 50 roles I was unsuccesful in getting a position. To make myself stand out more I needed a masters from a prestigious university to help me stand out more.
After working for a full year as well as getting as much help from my family as I possibly could I still had a shortfall of roughly £20,000. I aim to apply for the career development loan for £10,000 however as a recent graduate I do not have much of a credit history so I am not hopeful of being accepted for that. I cannot ask my family and friends for anymore as they have helped me out as much as they could so Im reaching out to everyone to help me achieve my dream. Any donations will be spent on accommodation, living costs as well as tuition fees and course stuff such as books. 
Every single penny donated is MASSIVELY appreciated I cannot thank you enough for any help that you guys can offer.