Help me continue my master studies in Slovenia

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Help me continue my master studies in Slovenia
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Completion Date: Thu 23 Aug 2018


I`m Kristian, welcome to my page and thank you for showing interest in my project.

Uh-oh! I`m stuck;)

Who am i?

I`m an intercultural management MA student with a BA in sociology – I graduated last year, and my final thesis is available at the following link:

I did various jobs – my previous posts included fields such as administrative, NGO, translation and copy-writing. Currently I`m unemployed, although I`m still keeping myself active with pay-per-do jobs.

I`m also a hobbyist musician, painter and art and animal lover.


After I successfully graduated with a very good score, School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica invited me to continue on a post-graduate level, this time as a full-time student (instead of part-time, which was my previous status). In Slovenia this means fee-free study – I filled the application and I was in! My current score is near excellent and I even joined in a socially-involved student project, which was started by my uni. Sounds quite alright, doesn`t it? However…


I have to put a lot of effort in keeping my student status alive, as my low income doesn`t offer much support for studying. I`ve involved friends and family as much as I can, but it simply isn`t enough. The biggest problem seems to be the traveling expenses – SASS is somewhat 150 miles far from my home. I don`t drive due to my eyesight and am not entitled to student railway tickets – I have to pay for the full price of the buses and train. Since there`s no boarding service, relocating to Nova Gorica would mean paying the full market rent (which is not an option right now). I managed to participate with on-line tasks on most courses, but I would have to be physically present on exams to complete the term.

What do i need funds for?

I would like to successfully end the term by passing four exams in September. I believe I`m fully capable of it, but as I`ve mentioned above, I need some extra cash to get the work done. This means all the funds will go to traveling to the location of the study. Not succeeding in it doesn`t mean dropping out, but I would have to pay for the credit left, which would only make things more difficult for me.

As you can see from above, breaking piggy bank simply won`t do!

Unfortunately, I can`t get student or other bank loans, and most of scholarships in both Slovenia and Croatia (or even in my town) are out of my reach.

this is where you join!

No matter what some might say, I strongly believe that people are willing to help if you articulate and present your goals as worth of effort. That`s why I started this campaign after all - because I consider my master studies to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and therefore place my faith in you. To show you my appreciation in some way, I`ve prepared some personal touch for donators.


My way of saying "thank you" is sending some personal art. These were never made with selling on mind, they are simply something I gave away to friends. The USB stick will let you enjoy some Mediterranean jazz - a great musical theme for the summer;). I`ll also make some cool drawings - each one of them will be completely unique.

follow me!

If you`d like to see what`s going on, please visit my Google+ page to see my past & present:

Naturally I`ll provide you with info on my studies, and if you have any question regarding this project, don`t hesitate to send me an e-mail!

Once again many thanks for reading this, and I hope you`ll have the pleasure of receiving some nice rewards;).

Kind regards,