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Solar SOAS

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Pledge £25 or more

Receive a Solar SOAS eco-tote bag! We order the totes from 'Supreme Creations', a manufacturer of ethical and reusable packaging and gifts. Just another good reason to get rid of plastic bags!

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Estimated delivery: 1 December 2016

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Get a t-shirt with a renewables message, made from Fairtrade certified cotton from Epona Clothing! Soft and ethical, what could be better?

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For this pledge we give you a Solar SOAS customised water bottle from the ethical company 'Give Me A Tap' - this is a reward that goes a long way, as with every bottle we buy gives 5 years of clean water to a person in Africa

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Estimated delivery: 1 December 2016

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This reward is a solar powered lamp, 'Solar Lights', from the international charity Solar Aid, that fights poverty and climate change through solar power. The reward also keeps on giving, as it includes a donation to help distribute more solar lights to families in rural Africa, increasing access to clean, safe, solar lighting.

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Estimated delivery: 1 December 2016

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For this reward we offer something very special: a voucher for a solar panel making workshop, where you get to try to make your own solar panel phone charger. It is organised specially by the organisation Demand Energy Equality in South London. We've tried it, and it's awesome!

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Estimated delivery: 1 December 2016