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Hi everyone! My name is Sorcha, an aspiring Theologian, writer and singer. I’m incredibly lucky to have been accepted onto the one-year masters course at KU Leuven in Belgium, to read Theology and Religious Studies. This return to education will build on my earlier undergraduate degree of Philosophy-Theology & Religious Studies at Leeds University, where I focused on Interfaith dialogue.

Recently I have lived in ecumenical communities around Europe, and it has given me a passion to find ways within our communities where different cultures and faiths can live side by side and learn from each other. I hope this masters will lead me into working on projects designed to create opportunities for dialogue in otherwise conflicted areas of the world. One of my aims post-MA is to live and work in Jerusalem/Bethlehem as an EAPPI.


For those of you who don’t live in these fair isles, higher education is pretty expensive. To do a course of the same calibre and similar modules, it would cost around £7000 – and that’s just for fees. That’s not including cash for food, books, rent and so on.
 Part of KU Leuven's appeal is that the uni only requires fees of £750 – for the whole year – amazing!


So I don’t have much money, and my application for financial aid from KU Lueven was refused. Also, grants funding opportunities for graduates are very thin on the ground. This means I’m totally self-funded, and have been working flat out to find all the cash myself.
I only have HALF of my total amount, and I begin on the 19th September!
 I want to raise the rest of the £5000 before I begin, comfortable in the knowledge I won't just run out of money for rent or food halfway through my course.

There are amazing incentives, even for a £1 donation! When you donate via Twitter, Facebook or email, the 'add an address' part only goes to me personally and no third parties, to make sure you are not a robot and I can get my incentive to you! (if applicable)



One of my favourite places in the world! Thousands of international young people flock to this tiny village in France week after week to experience a different way of living – one where the heart and soul comes first. I spent a year volunteering in this ecumenical community, and loved every second. 
Check out my blog from when I was asked to start a small community in Rotterdam for a month, as well as a short video about Poverello, the Youth Community in Brussels I lived in working with the city’s homeless. 


Singing one of my great joys. I began learning Opera at 9 years old, moving into folk/jazz/rock over the years. I’m a huge fan of any live music – and musicals! I also like to get my hands on pastels or paints when I have the time. I’m also a slightly obsessed film and theatre critic, baker and screen writer.


(This is based on 10 months in Belgium, and the amounts are from the KU Leuven website Euros to Pounds).
University Fees: £760 – has to be paid upfront in full on registration in September.
Rent: around £3,500, all-inclusive.
Living expenses: £5,000 (this is for food, study materials, bus passes and so on).
PayPal fees (3.5%, applied to successful projects): £750.
SO any pennies, dollars, euros you could donate would help enormously.  There are incentives – take a gander to the right and see what might pique your interest!
If you cant donate, please share this on Facebook with your friends and family! Lets get the word out!
Thankyou and much love to you all!