Starter for Ten - £10k for Law School

I am currently embarking on a Law Diploma, London. I would be really grateful for your help!!!

Starter for Ten - £10k for Law School
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Completion Date: Sat 12 Dec 2015


I'm raising £10,000 to try and complete my law diploma at the prestigious, University of Law.  I really want to become an immigration/human rights lawyer and help all those unfortunate people who have a lot of legal problems but just not the necessary funding.

We all know law is a very pricey profession.  Just going to Law School is expensive.  Thinking about all the fees that lawyers charge, there needs to be a change.

It's very easy for a company or a rich individual to pay for fees, but what about those unfortunate individuals and families that just don't have the capacity to protect themselves.

There are a lot of injustices in the world and I would like to make a small contribution to the plight of people!!!!

Who aM I?

My name is Kate Guseva and I've been in the UK for 11 years.

I live in  London and speak fluent Russian.

I have always wanted to be a lawyer, I remember my mum says you'll be good in court!!!

MY story

I wouldn't be appealing to you if it wasn't for a really honourable course.  I always give as much as I can to charity.  I've been on sponsored runs and walks for an endless number of charities.

Where will the money go?

All the money will be spent towards my diploma in order to help become a human rights/immigration lawyer to help those who are disadvantaged.


Complimentary picking of my brains in relation to legal issues.

Anyone who is a generous donor i.e over £1000, I will run 5k for their proposed charity and donate all money raised for them.  If you donate to me, you'll be keeping me fit!!

Images and video

I will be making videos and posting more pictures very soon!

Find us here

Twitter is where I'll  be giving (very regular) updates during my fundraising campaign.

Follow me to find out how I'm doing @jekagus #starterforlegalten

Help us succeed!

If you can give me any direction on how to reach my target, I would be very grateful to you.